Doctor of Philosophy Curriculum and Program Design

The University of Kansas has two entry options to the Ph.D. in Nursing program. Students can apply to the research doctoral program after completing the master's degree in nursing or after completing the baccalaureate degree in nursing. The post-BSN entry option is for exceptionally well-qualified BSN graduates who wish to progress as rapidly as possible toward the doctoral degree in nursing.

The PhD program is offered in a combination of ways:

·         Three on-campus one-week summer intensives.

·         Online coursework throughout the academic year, including web-based conferencing on a regular basis.

·         E-mentoring by faculty for research and career advisement/development.

Each student has a primary advisor. The KU School of Nursing faculty advisors teach in the doctoral program and are approved for dissertation chair privileges. The PhD in Nursing program is heavily focused on research skill building through didactic coursework, seminar learning and application experiences. The oral comprehensive exam will be conducted at the time of the dissertation proposal defense. The KU Graduate School requires that students also demonstrate competency in research skills and responsible scholarship.

On-campus Residencies

The first summer intensive provides all students with an orientation to doctoral education, allows a  match with an academic and research advisor and a structured opportunity to network with fellow students and doctoral faculty. During the subsequent summer residencies at the end of year 2 and year 3, students will be immersed in coursework and synthesis workshops with faculty advisors/mentors and fellow students. Each of these workshops will end with a qualifying exam that will evaluate each student's depth of knowledge and skill development. Students must pass this qualifying exam in order to progress to the next level of study.

Sample Program Plans

Last modified: Sep 30, 2013