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Essay Style Guide

Scholars are invited to submit essays on topics related to WW-I military medicine - in its broadest sense - for publication on the Medicine in the First World War website sponsored jointly by the University of Kansas Medical Center and the National World War One Museum at Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri. Essays should be approximately 1,000 words in length and may include up to ten images. For examples of suitable submissions please read some of the essays already posted on this website, with an eye to content, composition, and style.

Composition –  An essay is described as a brief literary work on a particular theme or subject, generally analytic, speculative, or interpretive. If necessary you may consult the Chicago Manual of Style Online for guidance with composition. Generally, essays do not have cited references, a bibliography, footnotes, or endnotes. However uniquely important sources may be mentioned, briefly, in the text of the essay. Or, a few sources may be listed at the conclusion of the essay. It is assumed that essays will be submitted in Microsoft Word format in English.

Images –  Pertinent images of good quality may be submitted in JPEG format (recommended) attached to but not embedded in the text. Each image should have a simple, clear legend and an attribution as to its source. Copyright considerations are important. Thus, images from books, periodicals, and newspapers published before 1923 are considered to be in the public domain and not subject to copyright restrictions. In the same manner any image in the public domain, e.g. in a government report or publication, regardless of date, is exempt from copyright restrictions. Many images from publications dating before 1964 are considered to be in the public domain if copyright was not renewed. It is incumbent on the author of any essay to obtain permission to publish any other image. In summary, in that most images will come from the period 1914-1918 copyright considerations will usually be moot.

Essay Title and Your Identity –  Please keep the title of your opus focused and short. You should list yourself as author with your appropriate academic or other identity, status, and rank.

Submission, Acceptance, and Editing – It is suggested that prospective essay authors communicate with the editor, Frederick Holmes, MD, at, before submitting their work. After submission each completed work will be reviewed by the editor and may be read by others as appropriate. Final acceptance and publication on the website will be contingent on the author’s acceptance of the edited copy. As essays accumulate they will be sorted and indexed on the website.

Other Considerations –  There are no charges nor is there remuneration for essays published on the Medicine in the First World War website. Scholars may cite their essays on curricula vitae or otherwise as they wish. During the period 2014 through 2018 it is hoped that a broad selection of 1914-1918 military medicine essays will be published on this website for the enjoyment and edification of scholars and those interested in the First World War throughout the world.

Frederick Holmes, MA, MD, FACP, editor
Distinguished Professor of Medicine, emeritus
Professor of the History of Medicine, emeritus
University of Kansas Medical Center

Last modified: Apr 08, 2019