Mid-Career Scholarship

WIMS and Joy McCann Professorship Scholarship for AAMC Mid-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar
The seminar is an interactive program that's targeted at physicians and PhD scientists holding medical school appointments at the associate professor level and leadership positions within their discipline, department or institution. The seminar's three and a half day program is designed to provide knowledge and skills required to continue advancing to leadership roles in academic medicine. The seminar covers a variety of leadership topics, emphasizes the skills needed to advance senior roles within academic medicine, and provides time for participants to strategically reinvigorate and realign their career with their goals. For more information about the seminar, please visit the AAMC's website

Scholarship deadline: September 18, 2017 at 5 p.m.

See List of Previous KUMC Attendees.

WIMS and Joy McCann Professorship Support

  • Annually, two sponsorships will be available for this seminar and will be funded by WIMS and the Joy McCann Professorship. Recipients are selected by meeting the criteria established by the WIMS Recognition Committee and WIMS Executive Council.
  • Sponsorship will cover the seminar registration fee only to attend the AAMC Women Mid-Career Faculty Professional Development Seminar.
  • If a scholarship recipient is accepted to attend the seminar, the recipients and/or their departments will be responsible for covering all other travel expenses.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • KU School of Medicine women faculty members (basic science or clinical) at the level of associate professor or early professor (to reflect that only professors recently promoted will be considered).
  • KU School of Nursing or KU School of Health Professions women faculty may also apply, but they must have a joint appointment in the School of Medicine to qualify since the seminar is sponsored by the AAMC (American Academy of Medical Colleges).
  • Scholarships are also available to all WIMS committee members and officers.
  • Applicants do not qualify for this scholarship as a member of the Dean's staff.

Scholarship Application Materials

  • Candidate CV
  • Candidate letter that includes:
    • Candidate's interest in attending the seminar.
    • Why the candidate feels she is deserving to attend.
    • Benefits that will be gained by the candidate, WIMS membership and the university through this experience.
  • Letter of recommendation from candidate's department chair or supervisor that includes:
    • Evidence of financial support for candidate's accommodations and travel expenses (from the candidate herself or her department, division or center).
    • Evidence that the candidate's supervisor will protect the candidate's time to attend the AAMC seminar in its entirety.
  • Submit all materials to wims@kumc.edu by September 18, 2016 at 5 p.m. Materials must be emailed as one PDF document. 

WIMS and Joy McCann Professorship Role and Expectation Upon Selection

  • WIMS Recognition Committee will work with the WIMS President to prepare the AAMC-required "Letter of Intent and Support" by the annual AAMC Application Deadline. AAMC applications are available starting in September.
  • Candidate will be responsible for the completion of their AAMC Application:
    • Converting their CV to AAMC desired format prior to the application deadline.
    • Prior to starting the online application, contact us at wims@kumc.edu for instructions on the payment process.
    • Apply online
  • After receiving notification of her attendance status from the AAMC, the candidate will need to notify us at wims@kumc.edu
  • If accepted by the AAMC to attend the seminar and are sponsored by WIMS or the Joy McCann Professorship, candidates must attend the entire seminar and actively participate in preparatory assignments.
  • The WIMS Recognition Committee requests that the candidate do two things upon her return:
    • Provide a one page summary (max) to the WIMS Recognition Committee and the Joy McCann Professor of what you learned and how you plan to apply it.
    • Participate in a noon-time panel presentation with other WIMS and Joy McCann Professorship sponsored participants on the value gained by attending the AAMC seminar. The purpose of the panel is to help women colleagues determine if the seminar is something they wish to pursue in the future.  

Last modified: Sep 12, 2017
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