KUMC WIMS is dedicated to the advancement and retention of all women faculty members, at all ranks, in the School of Medicine, School of Health Professions and the School of Nursing by offering educational programs to meet their needs. Our overall goal is to train our women faculty members the skills of leadership.

Women Faculty and Alumni are always welcome to contact the current president regarding their interests, issues and programming ideas. We invite your suggestions and participation in all WIMS events. To learn more about WIMS, read more about us, check out our programs and lectures, learn about our scholarship opportunities for leadership training, find out more about our Annual Events, or get involved by joining a committee.

The Mission of the KU Women in Medicine & Science:

  1. to be proactive and constructive in establishing and advancing the careers of women in medicine and science;
  2. to educate women on relevant KU Policies and Procedures for career development and advancement;
  3. to enhance and foster the professional development of all women faculty and trainees in the KU Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions through encouragement and mentoring, and to encourage growth, networking and quality within our KUMC community (local and national);
  4. to promote the process of developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships and cultivating new opportunities for collaboration through a supportive exchange of ideas and resources.

Leadership Infrastructure Training

In keeping with two of our missions, the organization has established an annual transition training program for the Leadership Team. The intent of this program is to ensure our Leadership Team succeeds, and thus our organization succeeds with an invisible transition from year to year. By training and providing our leaders with job responsibilities and tools in our leadership manual,  through experience their careers can advance quickly during or following their term on the WIMS Leadership Team. Leaders transition in August at the Annual Awards and Recognition Dinner.


Last modified: Nov 18, 2015