Department Delegates - WIMS GALS

Guidance & Advancement Liaisons

Who: "WIMS-GAL," are a department faculty member rom each department who are actively involved in the Women in Medicine and Science organization and who have volunteered to who serve as a liaison between WIMS and each new woman faculty member. 

What: WIMS Guidance & Advancement Liaisons or WIMS-GALS is a term to help differentiate between faculty mentors and department ambassadors who work through WIMS to welcome and assist our newest women colleagues.

When: As soon as a woman accepts a formal offer they are considered a "new member of the faculty" and should be welcomed by a WIMS-GAL.  

Where: WIMS GALS currently are available within each department in the School of Medicine. In addition, there are two in the School of Health Professions willing to assist.

Why: Women, and men, are empowered when they feel welcomed and that they belong.  When this feeling does not develop or exist, we risk losing some of our most valuable talent.  It is the mission of our WIMS-GALS to support the WIMS goals and welcome every woman and man upon becoming a new member in their department. 

WIMS-GALs Responsibilities

  • First, inform members of your department including the department administrator and ambassador that you are the WIMS delegate or WIMS-GAL and you need to be informed when a women is interviewing for a faculty position; when an offer is made and when they accept the position.
  • Send a welcome email to the new member informing them of who you are and helpful web links.
  • Be accessible to your women colleagues.
  • Learn the WIMS website and the web tools available to help a new faculty member transition easily.
  • Assist with finding mentors for your new colleagues when appropriate.


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Last modified: Jan 14, 2013