Leadership Overview

KUMC Executive Council Elections 2015 RESULTS

Our 4th Annual Election results are in and it is my pleasure to announce the faculty women who will serve on the WIMS Executive Council beginning August  21st, 2015 as a FY16 officer-elect or faculty representative.  Many very talented women were nominated this year, and we hope they will share their skills through involvement and participation throughout the coming year.


Secretary- Elect:


 On August 21st the following individuals will advance from their FY15 officer-elect responsibilities into their full position:

  •   President:
  •  Secretary:
    • Erica Howe, MD, Assistant Professor, General and Geriatric Medicine, Course Director, Doctors as Educators


The KU Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) infrastructure is comprised of the following groups, with member representatives from each of the three schools on campus along with trainee representatives and ex officio non-voting representatives and volunteers who serve as support for the organization. Officers are elected and terms begin July 1st each year. The president appoints committee chairs who serve during her term, and then each committee chair populates their committee before July 1st so they are ready to serve when the year begins.

  • Leadership Team (all officers and committee chairs)
  • Executive Council
  • Mentoring Committee
    • WIMS Guidance and Advancement Liaisons (WIMS GALS)
  • Program Committees
    • Monthly Events
    • Major Events (Annual Dinner, Bi-Annual Conference or Retreat)
  • Recognition Committee
  • Diversity Committee
  • Fundraising Committee
    • Donation Drive for Silent Auction
  • Moms in Medicine & Science (MIMS)
  • CIRCLES (theme or topic focused groups -- Contact Jessie Huisinga, PhD if if you would like to get involved or have an idea for a new CIRCLE)
    • Faculty Member Only Circles:
      • All Full Professors: Beth Levant and Lisa Stehno-Bittel
      • Associate Professors (MD): Wendy Biggs, Karin Porter-Williamson
      • Associate Professors (PhD): Liskin Swint-Kruse, Peggy PetroffAssistant Professors (MD): Hannah Maxfield
      • Assistant Professors (PhD): Jessie Huisinga
      • Assistant Professors (MD & PhD): Julie Christianson and Christina Hester
    • Post-doc Circle: Jessica Rossol-Allison, Natalie Wilson-Gossman
    • Student Circle: Angela Pierce, Robbie Harriford
  • WIMS Volunteer Administrative Support Team


The preparation for the election process begins in February and concludes in June with the results announcement for positions on the Executive Council list below. If you are interested in a position, please contact Christie Befort, PhD, Incoming President.

  • President Elect
  • Secretary Elect
  • 2 School of Medicine Representatives for Basic Science
  • 2 School of Medicine Representatives for Clinical Science
  • 2 School of Nursing Representative
  • 2 School of Health Professions Representative


We believe by providing proper training including job descriptions and expectations for new officers and officer-elect positions in late spring, as well as for newly appointed committee chairs, we will ensure a smooth "passing of the information baton" from the current officers and chairs to the incumbents, and set our leaders up to succeed so we do not fail at our mission to be proactive in advancing the careers of women. This process will permit the organization to grow and continue to succeed for years to come, as well as turn out new leaders (or strengthen the skills of experienced leaders) among our women faculty in the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health Profession. View the Leadership Team Manual here for additional information about WIMS infrastructure, committee responsibilities and committee chair job descriptions.


Amy O'Brien-Ladner, MD founder or our organization, is the Division Director for Pulmonary and Critical Care in Internal Medicine Department and the Interim Co-Chair for Internal Medicine. Amy is one of the recipients of the most prestigious faculty award presented by the School of Medicine, the Ruth Bohan Teaching Professorship.  You know you have truly been honored when an award is named after you which occurred in 2012 with the Amy O'Brien-Ladner Innovation Award.

Julie Wei, MD, past WIMS president 2010-12, was promoted to Associate Professor while in office and advanced in July, 2013 to serve as the ENT Department Chair at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine in Orlando.  Prior to leaving KU, she was appointed as the Mentoring Committee Chair in her department.  And did we mention she wrote a book during all of this? Published in the spring of 2013, "A Healthier Wei" about the milk and cookie syndrome in children.

Brenda Rongish, PhD, served as the Interim Vice-President of WIMS from 2010-11 and during her term was promoted to Program Associate Director for the MD-PhD Physician Scientist Program in the School of Medicine.


Last modified: Jul 06, 2015