Program Committees

The mission of WIMS two separate program committees is to plan all WIMS events, plus some of the programs recommended and sponsored by the University of Kansas Joy McCann Professor. "Events" included professional development programs, noon-time presentations, receptions, networking/mentoring or social gatherings and of course, the Biennial WIMS Professional Development Conference which alternates with the Biennial Retreat, and the Annual Awards Dinner. The WIMS Program Committee was the largest committee with the most time intense set of responsibilities and thus in the spring of 2014 was divided into separate committees based upon their projects.  They include:

The two main program committee members and chairs determine when and how they meet but at a minimum, all meetings should be scheduled in August for the full year, on routine day and time each month.  Appointments for all meetings are to be sent by the committee chair or her delegee, including scheduling the rooms, sending the Outlook appointments and reminders, and posting all information on the WIMS Calendar of Events.  Agendas and minutes are the responsibility of each committee chair.


Committee Members for ANNUAL EVENTS

Committe Members for 2015-16 MONTHLY EVENTS:

  • Chair: Jessie Huisinga, PhDAssistant Professor, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, Landon Center on Aging
  • Julie Christianson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • Catherine (Katie) Siengsukon, PhD, Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences Education
  • Christie Befort, PhD, Associate Professor, Co-Director for Breast Cancer Survivorship Center, Preventative Medicine and Public Health
  • Christina Hester, PhD, Research Professor, Assistant Residency Program Director for Research, Family Medicine
  • Erica Howe, MD, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine, Doctors as Educators Program Director
  • Francesca Duncan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • Lauren Little, PhD, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy
  • Mary Zimmerman, PhD, Professor, Health Policy & Management, Joy McCann Professor
  • Ryan Gove, Director of Student Life
  • Hailey Baker, student
  • Stefani Fontana, student

Committee Members for Fundraising;

Establishment of donor relationships and the professional experience required to run a Sponsorship Drive, this group is chaired by an administrative person or volunteer. Individuals who assist with all activities of the Sponsorship Drive consists of volunteers who graciously give their time to help each summer. Without these individuals, obtaining sponsorship would not be possible. 

 Updated: 8-26-2015

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