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WIMS mentoring committee
L to R: Michele Pritchard, Mary Zimmerman, Pamela Tran, Ann Davis, Jo Wick, Beth Levant Melissa Larson, Carrie Wieneke.
Not pictured: Sandi Sanchez, Teri Smith, Liskin Swint-Kruse, Grace Shih, Anne Pizzi, Cynthia Teel, Jyoti Panicker, Megha Ramaswamy, Nancy Berman, Reena Rao

The aim of the WIMS Mentoring Program is to enhance and support, not replace or duplicate, the School of Medicine's department based faculty mentoring programs, as well as mentoring services offered within the School of Nursing or School of Health Professions. July 1, 2014 this committee and co-chair Michele Pritchard, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology,Toxicology and Therapeutics will continue the work begun last year with her co-chair Melissa Larson, Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor, Molecular and Integrative Physiology,

The program mission is to promote professional and personal development of women faculty members, offering mentoring services to all faculty, male or female, which will enrich, enhance and expand the department based programs with alternative support for various projects, topics, or issues related to women faculty.

In addition to our committee members, please contact at any time one of our WIMS Department Delegates for help or information ... Our list of  WIMS Department Delegates

WIMS Mentoring Survey Results (November 2013)

Thanks to all of you who participated in the WIMS Mentoring Survey in November 2013.  The following is a summary of results and a strategy with which we plan to move forward to improve mentorship opportunities for women faculty at the University of Kansas Medical Center 

  • Survey response rate: 35%
  • Current mentor/mentee environment at KUMC:
    • Respondents with mentors: 51.4%
    • Respondents without mentors: 41.6%
    • Of respondents without mentors, 48.5% said they wanted a mentor
    • Respondents currently mentoring someone: 51%
    • Of those currently mentoring someone, 71.6% said they would be willing to mentor someone else
  • Areas respondents thougth mentors could help provide guidance (descending order of importance:
    • Publications
    • Workplace politics
    • Grants and Promotion (equal # of responses)
    • Work/life balance
    • Clinical issues
    • Other
      • meeting expectations
      • Career development
      • Overall advocacy
      • Overall Guidance through academic culture
      • Administration issues
  • Areas where potential mentors said they could provide guidance (descending order of importance)
    • Work/life balance
    • Publications
    • Promotions and Workplace politics (equal # of responses)
    • Clinical issues
    • Grants
    • Other
      • Teaching medical school learners
      • Advocacy and support
      • Working in academic medicine
      • Teaching
      • Navigating graduate and postdoc training
      • Career development (general)

MOVING FORWARD, the WIMS Mentoring Committee will enact the following mentorship opportunities beginning in early 2014: 

  1. A panel discussion on the importance of mentorship and networking
  2. A mentor/mentee match-up event
  3. A workshop on workplace politics
  4. Events to foster networking between women on campus
  5. A CV preparation workshop
  6. A workshop on development of a successful promotion application
  7. Development of a set of online resources which will include helpful material for navigating one's career at the academic medical center.
  8. Web resource to identify faculty on campus who can read and provide constructive criticism for manuscripts and grant applications.

If anyone who did not have the opportunity to participate in the survey would like to be a mentor, or who needs a mentor, please contact Michele Pritchard, PhD, or Melissa Larson, PhD, the committee co-chairs. We look forward to meeting your mentorship needs in the next year and beyond!

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