WIMS Department Delegates

WIMS Department Delegates 

Who:  Department faculty member from each department who are actively involved in the Women in Medicine and Science organization and who have volunteered to who serve as a liaison between WIMS and each new woman faculty member. 

What: A WIMS Department Delegate is meant to help differentiate between faculty mentors and department ambassadors (staff) who work through WIMS to welcome and assist our newest women colleagues.

When: As soon as a woman accepts a formal offer they are considered a "new member of the faculty" and should be welcomed by a WIMS Department Delegate.  

Where: WIMS Department Delegates currently are available within almost all departments in the School of Medicine as well as in both the School of Nursing and the School of Health Professions.

Why: Women, and men, are empowered when they feel welcomed and that they belong.  When this feeling does not develop or exist, we risk losing some of our most valuable talent.  It is the mission of our WIMS Department Delegates to support the WIMS goals and welcome every woman and man upon becoming a new member in their department. 

QUESTIONS: Michele Pritchard, PhD, Mentoring Committee Co-Chair is the contact regarding information about the WIMS Department Delegates


  • Identify new female faculty in your Department and assist them with onboarding at KUMC.
    • Provide email addresses to Marty McLaughlin so she can add them to the Outlook WIMS membership group and announce/discuss at EC Meeting.
    • Be a conduit for information transfer to the new faculty member.
      • Web resources for Department of Faculty Affairs and Development.
      • Web resources on WIMS pages.
    • Encourage new faculty member to get involved with WIMS.
      • Programming.
      • Networking
  • Help advertise WIMS programing events by hanging (at least) a single flyer in a high-traffic area (such as a bulletin board by an elevator or break room) in your department.


  • Anatomy and Cell Biology WIMS Delegate - Brenda Rongish, PhD
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology WIMS Delegate - Liskin Swint-Kruse, PhD
  • Biostatistics WIMS Delegate - Jo Wick, PhD, and Jianghua (Wendy) He, PhD
  • Cancer Biology WIMS Delegate - Joan Wambi, PhD
  • Health Policy and Management WIMS Delegate - Ellen Averett, PhD
  • History and Philosophy of Medicine WIMS Delegate - Martha Montello, PhD
  • Microbiology, Molecular Genetics and Immunology WIMS Delegate - Mary Markiewicz, PhD
  • Molecular and Integrative Physiology WIMS Delegate - Paige Geiger, PhD
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine WIMS Delegate - Nikki Cheng, PhD 
  • Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics WIMS Delegate - Beth Levant, PhD
  • Preventive Medicine and Public Health WIMS Delegate - Taneisha Scheuermann, PhD 

SOM CLINICAL Departments

  • Anesthesiology WIMS Delegate - Grace Shih, MD
  • Cardiology WIMS Delegate - vacant
  • Emergency Medicine WIMS Delegate - Kathi Glauner, MD 
  • Family Medicine WIMS Delegate - vacant
  • Internal Medicine WIMS Delegate - Tara Lin, MD
  • Neurology WIMS Delegate - vacant
  • Neurosurgery WIMS Delegate - vacant
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology WIMS Delegate - Carrie Wieneke, MD
  • Ophthalmology WIMS Delegate - vacant
  • Orthopedic Surgery WIMS Delegate - vacant
  • Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery WIMS Delegate - Sufi Thomas, PhD
  • Pathology and Laboratory Medicine WIMS Delegate - Katie L. Dennis, MD
  • Pediatrics WIMS Delegate - Jyoti Panicker, MD
  • Plastic Surgery WIMS Delegate - Michelle M. M. De Souza, MD
  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences WIMS Delegate - Teri Smith, PhD
  • Radiation Oncology WIMS Delegate - vacant
  • Radiology WIMS Delegate - Shelby Fishback, MD
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation WIMS Delegate - vacant
  • Surgery WIMS Delegate - Jamie Wagner, MD
  • Urological Surgery WIMS Delegate - Priya Padmanabhan, MD

School of Nursing

  • Qiuhua Shen, PhD, APRN, RN

School of Health Professions Delegates

  • Deb Sullivan, PhD


Last modified: Mar 03, 2017
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