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Christine Makosky Daley, PhD, MA, SM 
2014-2015 WIMS President
Associate Professor, Preventative Medicine & Publih Health, Director, Center for American Indian Community Health (CAICH), and Director, American Indian Health Research & Education Alliance
Office: (913) 588-0866   Email:  

Julie Christianson, PhD
Monthly Events Committee Chair (for program ideas throughout the year)
Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
(913) 945-6430 or (913) 588-8806

Marty McLaughlin
Executive Director, Office of Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies
WIMS Strategic Planning and Sponsorship
(913) 787-1707 or her assistant Regina Esteban at (913) 588-5237


Volunteer Administrative Support Team Personnel

KUMC Staff Member WIMS Support Team Responsibilites KUMC Full Time Position
Marty McLaughlin Administrative Support Team Leader, WIMS Website and WIMS Calendar of Events Manager Executive Director, Office of Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies (OAA)
Alana Smith Joy McCann Professor Administrative Support Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for OAA, Office of Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies (OAA)
Justine Karungi Moms in Medicine (MIMS) Administrative Support Assistant Director, Hoglund Brain Imaging Center
Deb Brogden

Recognition Committee Admnistrative Support

Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Administration

Sandi Sanchez Mentoring Committee Admnistrative Support Executive Assistant for the SON Student Affairs Office
 OPEN Diversity Committee Administrative Support Contact Crystal Lumpkins, PhD, committee chair, or Marty McLaughlin if you are interested in working with this committee.
Ashley Carlson WIMS Post-Doc & Graduate Student Activities Liaison Assistant Director for the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
Kari Ziblut Bi-Annual Conference or Retreat  & Annual Dinner Administrative Support Senior Coordinator for SON Special Events
Michelle Settle Chair, Annual Donation Drive for the Silent Auction Administrative Assistant, Orthopedic Research
Regina Esteban WIMS Administrative Assistant (including room reservations for events and catering requests) Coordinator for the Office of Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies
 Alexa Smith Graphic Designer for Event Flyers Support; Website Editor Senior Coordinator for the KUMC Office of Faculty Affairs
Johana Bravo De Los Rios Graphic Designer for Event Flyers Support Assistant Professor, Preventive Medicine and Public Health
 OPEN Photograph Curator for Website and Marketing
 OPEN Any assistance with mananging the WIMS Webpages

Last modified: Oct 27, 2014