WIMS Soaring Star Award

2014 Honoree Named

Lisa Gilmer
Lisa Gilmer, MD

At the Annual WIMS Awards Dinner on August 21, 2014, Lisa Gilmer , MD, Associate Professor, Director, Pediatric Residency Program, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine was presented the Inaugural Soaring Star Award.


In 2014, WIMS developed three new awards. Women faculty or non-faculty members, including Advance Practice Providers and Clinical Doctorates, at the level of Associate Professor or equivalent, are eligible, and a recipient will be selected from Health Professions, Nursing, and Medicine. Award winners will be recognized at the WIMS annual dinner, Thursday, August 20, 2015, at the Overland Park Convention Center.


The establishment of this award is to give recognition to and promote the accomplishments of women faculty or non-faculty members which might otherwise go unnoticed or overlooked.


  • KUMC women faculty or non-faculty member at the level of associate professor or equivalent (basic science or clinical positions)
  • This award is open to all WIMS committee members and officers as well as all other women in Health Professions, Nursing, and Medicine
  • Must be in good standing with KUMC organization


  • Success as a mentor and role model for women faculty, non-faculty, trainees, and students
  • Demonstrate leadership at the university, regional, national, or international level; example, development of clinic work, manuscripts, committees, etc.
  • Participated in committees to further develop their leadership skills
  • Involvement in WIMS programs and initiatives
  • Professional excellence in the individual's career
  • Effort to influence or institute a positive cultural change regarding the careers of women faculty and/or non-faculty and/or staff members on the KUMC campus
  • Shown a steadfast commitment to enhanced collaboration and productive relationships with faculty and staff at all levels of the KUMC organization
  • Worked to create a respectful environment for education, patient care and/or activities through a collaborative systems approach


One award presented per year

Nomination Process

  • Self-nomination or nomination by KUMC colleague
  • Please send a brief paragraph, 300 words or less, including candidate's three most outstanding accomplishments, achievements or characterisitics that qualify her for the award, to Debra Brogden, dbrogden@kumc.edu.
  • Nominees will be contacted by the WIMS Awards and Recognition Committee to submit additional information and their current Curriculum Vitae.

Evaluation Process

  • Recognition committee will review the nomination materials and will rank candidates
  • Recognition committee will report rankings to the WIMS Executive Committee
  • All candidates will be notified of the decision prior to the annual WIMS dinner.
Last modified: Apr 10, 2015