Joy McCann Professorship Nomination Process


  • Students, residents, or faculty members may submit nominations for the professorship.
  • No self-nominations are permitted; anyone who self nominates will be ineligible for the award.
  • Nominations must be accompanied by the nominee's curriculum vitae, as well as letters of support from the nominator and the nominee's Chair providing evidence or examples of outstanding mentorship, leadership, professionalism and dedication to the careers of women.
  • There are no restrictions on the academic rank of the nominees.

The SELECTION PROCESS, according to the guidelines provided by the Joy McCann Foundation involves:

  • The institution must design a selection process that allows students, residents, and faculty to participate.
  • The selection process should include: review of the nominee's credentials and performance by a committee of peers; an interview of top nominees; and a vote to recommend the top three nominees to the Executive Dean.
  • The review committee for the professorship, as established by the Letter of Gift in 2002, is comprised of:
    • seven (7) members representing the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions, administration and graduate and undergraduate admissions committees, 
    • the President of President serving as Chair
    • the WIMS President and Executive Dean each appoint three members, and
    • the Associate Director for Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development will serve as the staff person for the review committee,
  • The Dean shall make the final determination of the awardee based on the committees ranked recommendations from the selection committee.


  • Early April - Call for Nominations
  • Early May - Nomination Deadline
  • Mid-May - Selection Committee meets to determine candidates to interview
  • Late May to Early June - Candidates are interviewed by the selection committee and will present their program plan.
  • Mid June - Candidates are notified and the honoree is announced.
  • July 1st - the three-year term begins for the new Joy McCann Professor
  • August Annual WIMS Dinner - the honoree is recognized following their first appointment.

ANNUAL PROJECTS: Annual Projects Sponsored by the Joy McCann Professorship fund includes:

  • The Amy O'Brien-Ladner Innovation Award
  • The Joy McCann Visiting Professor Lecture
  • Annaul WIMS Conference or Retreat Support
  • One or more full scholarships to the AAMC Early or Mid-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminars each year.  Scholarships are awarded to WIMS officers or members of the various WIMS committees in an effort to further develop women leaders in the organization.

Last modified: Nov 27, 2013