Awards and Recognition Overview

2014 award winners were honored at the Awards Dinner on August 21. 2014. One new award was presented to honor a very distiguished alumnae, Betty Drees, MD, for her lifelong career of influencing and impacting the careers of many women and men along the way. 

2014 WIMS award recipients

Back row: Jo Halverson, Caitlyn Linschied (2014 Poster Session winner and MD/PhD student), Lisa Stehno-Bittel, PT, PhD; Betty Drees, MD
Front row: Melissa Oropeza-Vail, RN, BSN, CGRN (the WIMS Recognition Committee Chair); Catherine Siengsukon , PT, PhD; Lisa Gilmer , MD;  Robert M. Klein, PhD

Established in 2002 by our founding President Amy O'Brien-Ladner, MD, the WIMS organization continues to seek ways to further the professional goals of women on the University of Kansas Medical Center campus. The goal of the WIMS Recognition Committee is to establish mechanisms to recognize our female faculty and trainees as they achieve academic career success and satisfaction. In addition to the awards sponsored by WIMS in the list below, the committee strives to recognize our women faculty by submitting nominations for others listed on the Calendar.of Awards..Suggestions are always welcomed by the committee members.

2014 trophies



  • Scholarships
    Learn more about the KU WIMS Scholarship opportunities to attend one of the AAMC Early or Mid-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Conferences.

Friends of WIMS

In addition to recognizing the achievements of our members, it is equally important that we want to recognize our Friends of WIMS. Without those individuals and businesses who have generously supported our organization by their generous monetary contributions or donations to our Annual Silent Auction, our Bi-Annual Conference would not be possible. 

Last modified: Mar 02, 2015