WIMS Bi-Annual Leadership Retreat

Adam Carroll leads session at 2014 WIMS RetreatLEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT

New officers and officer-elect positions are announced in late spring, serving for one year starting July 1st every year transitioning into their official role the following July 1st. Committee chairs are appointed annually and also begin July 1st.  All are introduced at the Annual Dinner in August.  We believe in providing proper training including job descriptions and expectations and professional development skills training required to succeed in leadership roles and while serving as productive and successful committee members. Our Bi-Annual Leadership Retreat is a professional development half-day program which provides for additional information about WIMS infrastructure, committee responsibilities and committee chair job descriptions. The estimated 60 women invovled includes many of the outgoing officers and members along with the incoming new participants.  During the retreat they discuss the issues and goals for the upcoming year, progress made in the past year, and recommendations for improvement, programs and growth.  Each retreat provides invited guests who address applicable topics to help accomplish the mission of the organizaiton. 

August, 2014 Retreat

Leadership Skills: Learning Strategies to Run Organizations and Committees

SPEAKER: Adam Carroll, The Carden Group and The Jayhawk Way Training Team

GOAL: Train or enhance the WIMS leaders and committee members on skills needed to strengthen and improve the organizational operation of WIMS so they may also apply the skills to other areas of their professional lives.

DESCRIPTION: Effective committees can be one of the most important working forces at the heart of an organization. The purpose and objectives of a committee may be clear, but as with any group trying to achieve a common goal, many factors may determine success or failure. Adam Carroll will facilitate the why and how of committees to ensure they function well and achieve the goals set. Highlights will include: how to chair, and not chair a committee meeting; how to serve as a valuable committee member; what you can bring to the table; how can you gracefully guide a meeting under the control of a poor committee chair so the group can reach its goals; and much more.

Leadership Skills: Budget 101 - The KUMC Global Budget System

SPEAKER: Mike Keeble, Associate Vice Chancellor of Finance, Division of Institutional Finance and Administration

GOAL: Train or enhance the WIMS leaders and committee members on skills needed to strengthen and improve the organizational operation of WIMS so they may also apply the skills to other areas of their professional lives.

DESCRIPTION: Understanding budgets is one thing, understanding the KUMC budget system, where all the money comes from and goes, and how the WIMS budget fits in the global picture will be explained and simplified by our guest. This information will be invaluable when working with the organization, or on any budget members may work with in their normal job responsibilities at KUMC.

Hold the Dates

August 20, 2015 - WIMS Annual Awards Dinner & Silent Auction

  • DINNER & Silent Auction Location TBD |  5:45 - 8:00 p.m.
  • CONFERENCE: Friday, August  21, 2015 | Location TBD  | 5:45 p.m. Networking Cocktail Hour Opens follwed by Dinner.

August 21, 2015 - Conference AGENDA - to be published soon.

  • THEME: Cultivating "You, Inc.:" A Clearly Defined Voice to Success

The WIMS Inter-Professional Leadership Conference next year in Kansas City is where woman professionals and leaders will join with university faculty from schools of medicine, nursing, health, and law to learn, collaborate, and network. Conference topics include current, cross-disciplinary medical and legal issues. The Conference also discusses challenges facing female professionals today and provides participants with tools to develop strategic plans to succeed in their chosen field. 

The goals of this NEW regional inter-professional leadership conference are to:

  • celebrate and highlight the presence and accomplishments of women in our region who practice or teach in health care or law, at any university, medical center, private medical practices, law firms or related fields of health sciences and law;
  • provide a venue for professional women to share strengths, talents and experience; and
  • foster an academic and professional culture which supports the professional and personal development of women attorneys, physicians, nurses, health professionals, and faculty, along with postdoctoral and clinical fellows, law and graduate students in each professional school.


The University of Kansas Medical Center Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) Organization, under the oversight of the University of Kansas School of Medicine and the University of Kansas Endowment Association, operates as a Section 501(c)3 nonprofit. Without sponsorship our program is not possible. We appreciate and would like to recognize those who have so generously contributed in support of our mission. For more information please visit:

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Cultivating "You, Inc." - A Clearly Defined Voice to Success

August 21, 2015  |  7:30 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.

Overland Park Convention Center on College Blvd