WIMS Presidents

2014-15 Vision

Christine DaleyChristine Daley, WIMS President 2014-15

I am both honored and humbled to take on the role of President of WIMS for the 2014-2015 academic year.  This organization has grown tremendously since its reinvention only a few years ago.  We are now the only WIMS group in the country that includes women not only from a School of Medicine, but also from both the Schools of Allied Health Professions and Nursing.  The legacy left by the previous WIMS Presidents is, in a word, astounding!  It is now my task to continue growing the organization, which I hope will become an exponential growth.  The stage is set and now it is the leadership's task to come up with a new strategic plan that will take us through the next five years and beyond.  I have a talented group of women faculty from all three schools helping in this planning and we will be tasking all WIMS members to go above and beyond what is expected to turn WIMS into THE model organization nationally.  This year we will also be taking on the daunting task of creating a history of women faculty at the University of Kansas Medical Center, looking through the years at how women faculty have gone from nearly non-existent to thriving and taking on leadership roles.  This process will not only showcase the truly amazing women who came before us, but will point out the obvious gaps in progress and help us to identify strategically what needs to be done to correct any gender inequities that remain.  To work alongside our strategic plan and history, it is our job to begin documenting all that we do more fully and create the appropriate databases to help continue tracking the progress of women at KUMC.  Finally, this year WIMS has created a Diversity Committee, to aid in recruitment, retention and mentoring of diverse women faculty. This initiative is directly in line with the strategic plan of the medical center to increase and highlight our diversity. I look forward to working with all of the WIMS leaders, members, and supporters over the year and beyond to help KUMC WIMS become a national leader in gender equity!

2013-14 Reflections

With visionary leadership, the WIMS program has developed over the last 4 years into a nationally recognized organization providing support, fellowship, and inspiration to women from all parts of medical center campus.  It is my great honor to be asked to carry on the leadership of this group.  In many ways it is a daunting task and we are working hard to provide the infrastructure and grassroots level organization to allow us to continue to serve such a wide variety or women at all levels of their careers.  My focus this year will be on mentoring and leadership.  We need to take this opportunity to find excellent women role models for leadership in the institution and develop our own pipeline of women leaders to ensure diversity in management and continued role models for future generations. Belinda Vail, MD, 2013-14 President

2012-13 Reflections

It has been my privilege to serve as the President of WIMS for 2012-2013. The past year has been an immeasurable learning experience for me, and one that will undoubtedly shape my future career aspirations and success. In the past year we took on the somewhat unglamorous task of solidifying and stabilizing the future of WIMS - defining job positions, improving our nomination and election process for new officers, creating a database of institutional and national awards for our faculty, and establishing a leadership training program to ensure the smooth transition of WIMS' officers from year to year. We considerably expanded our reach on the KUMC campus through a variety of programs and scholarships, and earned the reputation as one of the premier WIMS organizations in the country. KUMC is incredibly fortunate to have so many enthusiastic and talented faculty members contributing to the growth and success of our WIMS program. WIMS aims to help women faculty lean in to their individual careers in medicine and science, and also serve as the change agent for our collective goals and leadership ambitions. I know that WIMS will continue to create networks and advance leaders for years to come. Paige Geiger, PhD, 2012-2013 President

2010-12 Reflections

Behind every successful woman are a lot of other women...and men! I have been tremendously humbled and honored to have the opportunity to serve as President of our KU Women in Medicine and Science (WIMS) organization for the past year. To have talented, committed, and passionate women faculty carry out my vision of WIMS becoming once again a vibrant organization with a strong infrastructure has been an undeserved but amazing experience.

The most common word to describe me is "energy", but what I have learned is that energy devoted to the building of professional and personal relationships will be twice returned. As you read this report, I hope you will feel what these pages can not adequately convey, that is the tremendous sense of ownership, pride, and commitment that KU women faculty here have over their own academic careers as well as their desire to support the careers of others. Julie Wei, MD, 2010-12 President

Past Presidents:

B Vail Belinda Vail, MD
WIMS President 2013-2014
P Geiger Paige C. Geiger, PhD
WIMS President 2012-2013
J Wei Julie Wei, MD
WIMS President 2010-2012
L Nelson Linda Nelson, MD, PhD, FACOG
WIMS President 2007-2010
K Templeton Kimberly Templeton, MD
WIMS President 2004-2007
2nd KUMC Joy McCann for Women in Medicine & Science
A O'Brien-Ladner Amy O'Brien-Ladner, MD
WIMS President 2002-2004
1999 founder, during term as the AMWA faculty advisor

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