Message from the WIMS President

Dr. Grace Shih

The current WIMS President is Grace Shih, MD

Happy New Year!  This New Year has brought with it a new, restructured WIMS.  I am excited to share with you some changes that have come about in WIMS over the last several months.

To start with a little background, WIMS as an organization returned to the SOM in Fall 2017. This change has allowed us to tap into financial and administrative resources available in the SOM. We created an ad hoc executive board in the Fall of 2017 to establish new bylaws for our organization and simplify our infrastructure.  The women faculty who volunteered their time and energy have been a great resource for me and I want to thank them for all their assistance. The administrative help from the Professional Development and Faculty Affairs office has been phenomenal and I also want to thank them for their assistance in retooling our WIMS organization.  

We administered a survey in the Fall of 2017 to all KUMC faculty, and based on your feedback, we have decided to host quarterly WIMS events.  Two of the events will be during the workday and 2 will be afterhours.  The topics of greatest interest to our faculty included academic promotion, leadership development and mentoring. Look for events highlighting these topics soon!  

In conjunction with the McCann Professorship, in April 2018 we will be hosting Mary Guinan MD PhD, Dean of the School of Community Health Science at UNLV.  Dr. Guinan is known for initial work on the HIV/AIDS epidemic with the CDC.

We will be hosting our WIMS Annual Dinner and Leadership Retreat on August 23 and 24th.  Our invited guest and speaker will be Nancy Spector, MD, the Executive Director of the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) organization. ELAM is a one year fellowship program in leadership training for senior women faculty at academic medical, dental and public health schools.  ELAM offers intensive training and extensive opportunities for coaching, networking and mentoring to increase the pool of qualified women to serve as leaders in their organizations. We have a long history of ELAM graduates on our KUMC campus. Dr. Spector will be speaking on the current state of women in academic medicine and our role in moving women forward and into leadership positions. Dr. Spector will instruct us on strategic career planning, graceful self-promotion and mentee-led mentoring at our Leadership Retreat.  

I would encourage all women at the University of Kansas Medical Center to get involved in WIMS. The mission of WIMS remains the same, to be proactive and constructive in establishing and advancing the careers of women in medicine and science.  

Please feel free to contact me at if you are interested in participating or have further thoughts or ideas.

Past Presidents:


Sandy Billinger, PhD
WIMS President 2016-2017

Christie Befort

Christie Befort, PhD
WIMS President 2015-2016

Christine Daley

Christine Daley, PhD
WIMS President 2014-2015

B Vail

Belinda Vail, MD
WIMS President 2013-2014

P Geiger

Paige C. Geiger, PhD
WIMS President 2012-2013

J Wei

Julie Wei, MD
WIMS President 2010-2012

L Nelson

Linda Nelson, MD, PhD, FACOG
WIMS President 2007-2010

K Templeton

Kimberly Templeton, MD
WIMS President 2004-2007

A O'Brien-Ladner

Amy O'Brien-Ladner, MD
WIMS President 2002-2004

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