Membership Benchmarks

"Membership" is defined by anyone, male or female, who supports the mission of The University of Kansas Medical Center's Women in Medicine and Science Organization (WIMS) .  Our current email membership list includes all women members of the faculty in the School of Medicine, School of Nursing and School of Health Professions plus male faculty colleagues who have expressed interested in issues related to the professional growth and advancement of women in academic medicine.  It also includes non-faculty and trainees who have been involved.

WIMS Membership

Current women faculty membership represented on the KUMC-Kansas City Campus, includes approximately 250 full time School of Medicine women, 50 full time School of Nursing  women and 50 full time School of Health Professions women. The complete membership roster for KUMC-WIMS does include full-time, part-time and volunteer faculty at all stages of their careers.


School of Medicine women faculty records only are included in the statistics below.   The purpose is to track our success with advancing the careers and retaining our women and faculty in the School of Medicine. The official membership from the School of Nursing and School of Heath Professions did not begin until the spring of 2014.

Gains in clinical science faculty across campuses have increased 58% in Kansas City and 25% in Wichita since 2010, and the losses in the basic science faculty across campuses are down 10% in Kansas City since 2012, and down 50% in Wichita since 2010. To determine where these gains and loses are occuring, next year we will drill down to the department level and/or to the rank. The number of female faculty at each rank are increasing, but the assistant (35% increase since 2010, up by 62) and associate (40% increase, up by 20) ranks are growing much more quickly than full professor (25% increase, up by 7).

Tabel 1: School of Medicine KUMC Women Faculty
Table 2: School of Medicine Professorship level of women faculty at the University of Kansas Medical Center and our Wichita Campus.

Graph for 2014 AR

Table 3: Women Faculty Listed by School of Medicine Department (Basic Science and Clinical)Table 3 for 2015 AR
Courtesy of Matt Schuette, PhD, Principal Research Analyst, Department of Enterprise Analytics and Jo Wick, PhD, Assistant Professior, Department of Biostatistics, KUMC

Last modified: Nov 05, 2015