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PCR Genotyping

Responsibilities of the Investigator

  • Provide the tail biopsies uniquely labeled and a positive control (either genomic DNA positive for the mutation or the plasmid used to generate the transgenic).
  • Provide a proven PCR assay protocol and primers (100ul at 10mM concentration).
  • Alternatively, provide the sequence of your target gene, and we will design a PCR reaction.
  • Submit a Request Form in iLabs to initiate your project.

Services Provided by the Facility

  • The facility will prep genomic DNA from tail biopsies using the REDExtract-N-Amp Tissue PCR kit (Sigma, cat # XNATS).
  • The facility will perform a PCR for detecting the transgene(s) of interest. For an additional fee, a second PCR (GDPH, a housekeeping gene) can be performed to analyze the quality of genomic DNA.
  • A report is provided to the investigator with gel documentation of the PCR results.
  • If requested, the facility will select primers and optimize the PCR reaction conditions for an additional fee.

Fees for Genotyping Service

  • $5.00/biopsy for genomic DNA preparation and PCR analysis (a minimum of $20.00 per requisition).
  • $2.50/sample for any additional PCR analysis.
  • $100 set up fee to establish a suitable PCR assay if proven PCR conditions are not provided.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018
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