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Mouse Biology
"Mouse Genetics" by L. M. Silver -
"The Coat Colors of Mice" by W. K. Silvers -
"The Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse" by M. J. Cook -
Human/Mouse Homology Relationships -
Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression -

Mouse Vendors
The Jackson Laboratory -
Charles River Laboratories -
Harlan -
Taconic -
NCI Animal Production Program -

Mutant Mouse Databases
Jackson Laboratories Mouse Tumor Biology Database -
Mouse Models of Infertility -
Mouse Phenome Database -
Pathbase -
Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers (MMRRC) -
Infrafrontier (EMMA) -

BAC library
RP22 (129S6/SvEvTac) -
RP23 (C57BL/6J, female) -
RP24 (C57BL/6J, male) -

ROSA 26 Knock-in
Soriano Lab -
Jackson Lab ROSA26 mutant mice -
Applied Stem Cell TARGATT Technology -

Embryo Manipulation
Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project -
The Virtual Embryo -

Mouse Genome Sequence
Ensembl Mouse Genome Server -
NCBI Entrez Mouse Genome View -
UCSC Genome Browser Gateway -

Molecular Genetics Resources
Gene Targeting for Beginners-
Tissue Specific Promoter Database -
Primer3 PCR Primer Picking Software -
Jackson Laboratory Genotyping Protocols -
Functional Annotation of Mouse cDNAs Database (FANTOM) -
Cloning Vector Database (SHIGEN) -
Medical Research Council Mammalian Genetics Unit -
Mouse Genome Database -
National Center for Biotechnology Information -
Broad Institute Center for Genome Research -

Mouse Mutagenesis Projects - Has Your Gene Been Knocked Out?
International Mouse Phenotype Consortium (IMPC) -
International Gene Trap Consortium -
Sanger Institute Genetrap Resource -
CMHD Mutagenesis Core and Gene Trap Core -
Infrafrontier (EMMA) -
German Gene Trap Consortium -
International Mouse Mutagenesis Consortium (IMMC) -
Riken Large Scale Mutagenesis Project -
See also: Trans-NIH Mouse Initiative -

Mouse Databases - Has Someone Made Your Mouse?
International Mouse Strain Resource -
Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers -
The Jackson Laboratory Mouse Mutant Resource -

Mouse Biology Resources
Stem Cell Information -
Information Resources for Animal Welfare and Alternatives -
Jackson Laboratory Links -
NetVet: Rodents -
The Mouse Brain Library -
The Virtual Embryo -
The Virtual Mouse Necropsy -
The Visible Mouse Project -
Whole Mouse Catalog -

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