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Transgenic and Gene-Targeting Institutional Facility

Welcome to the Transgenic and Gene-Targeting Institutional Facility at the University of Kansas Medical Center! We are an institutional research support facility providing a centralized service for the production of transgenic and gene-targeted rodents for the investigators of KUMC and the surrounding Kansas City research community.

List of Services  

PLEASE NOTE:  The Transgenic and Gene-Targeting Facility is now utilizing a new requisitioning system, called iLab Solutions. Please click this link to access the system Transgenic and Gene-Targeting Facility iLab Site.

Embryo Manipulation Core Embryonic Stem Cell Core
Transgenic Mouse Production
ES Cell Targeting
Chimeric Mouse Production
ES Cell Expansion
Embryo Cryopreservation
ES Cell Karyotyping
Sperm Cryopreservation
Rederivation by Embryo Transfer
Special Requests ESC
In Vitro Fertilization
Post-mitotic MEFs
Special Request Mouse Embryo
Rat Pronuclear Injection

CONTACT US: phone 913-588-7113; TGIF@kumc.edu

Last modified: Feb 06, 2015
Contact Us

Phone: 913-588-7113

Email: TGIF@kumc.edu