Taylor Houk

T Houk

Why did you choose KUMC?

KUMC is a very prestigious school that has allowed me to grow as a student nurse. It is a Magnet designated hospital, so I know that I'm learning from nurses who are well-known for their outstanding patient care.


Taylor HoukWhat is great about your program?

My program offers a plethora of opportunities for students. We are offered clinical spots at hospitals across the KC area and it really allows you to focus on the population that you are interested in working in. Also, KU has great SIM lab experiences that are very beneficial to the students because we are able to apply the simulation with real clinical experiences. We have amazing teachers who are dedicated to the education of us young nurses and strive to give us the best education that they can. KU School of Nursing is an amazing program, and I am proud to say that I am a student at this respected university.


Do you have any tips for a smooth transition from a traditional undergraduate campus to a professional/graduate campus?

Make sure to take the time to adjust to the new campus and way of learning that it takes to succeed in a professional program rather than the typical undergraduate programs. Also make sure to make time for yourself and balance your school life with a social life.


How would you suggest incoming students find balance at KUMC?

Take time for yourself sometimes; you can't always be studying or you'll go crazy! Get some friends together and go experience what Kansas City has to offer! But at the same time, be responsible and make sure you do allow time to study as well.


Taylor HoukWhat advice would you give incoming students about parking/transportation around campus?

Get to school on time so you can try to find a parking spot! Otherwise you'll be walking quite a long way to campus. Make sure if it is dark outside you walk with a friend or call the KU-Safe Transportation number.

Last modified: Feb 16, 2012
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