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KUMC Student Handbook

Policies and Procedures

As with any community, the University has established standards of conduct for its members. As members of the University community, students are expected to adhere to all published rules, regulations, and policies. Students also are obligated to the laws of the city, county, state, and nation. Students should be fully acquainted with the university catalogues and this handbook.
*Wichita students please refer to

Alcohol and Drug Use Policy
Copyright Policy

Equal Opportunity/Non Discrimination Policies

Operational Protocol: Student Email
Procedures for Reporting Sexual Assault
Software License Compliance
Research Activities

Smoking and Tobacco Policy
Student Health Insurance Policy
Student Health Policies

Student Enrollment and Records Policies

Malpractice Insurance
Students Rights and Responsibilities

Tips For Students on Social Networking
Workers Compensation Coverage

For a listing of KUMC policies and procedures see The following section identifies many, but not all, of the important policies and regulations which address the expectations and obligations of students.