Enrollment Services

Student Health Services provides all services necessary to fulfill your enrollment requirements.  This includes the enrollment physical, all immunizations, serology (blood work to check for immunity to disease) and tuberculosis testing.  Click here to make an appointment. 

If you wish to schedule an appointment with a nurse to review your immunizations and paper work prior to enrollment, click here.

Contraceptive Management and Well-Woman Exams

Click here to make an appointment.

Travel Visits for Students Going Overseas

Consultation includes health advice for countries on student itinerary, travel immunizations and prescriptions for travel-related medications such as anti-malarial drugs.  Click here to make an appointment.

Diagnose and treat illness

Common complaints include sore throats, sinus infections, sports injuries, urinary tract infections and more.  Click here to make an appointment.

Screening for Sexually Transmitted Disease

Click here to make an appointment.

Immunization Clinic

We offer an Immunization Clinic on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 am to 1 pm or by appointment.  Click here to make an appointment if you cannot come during walk in hours.

Other Services:

  • Order laboratory and radiology tests when indicated
  • Provide venipuncture services by appointment
  • Offer reduced fees on certain lab procedures including titers for immunizations
  • Provide billing services for students with Student Resources Insurance when indicated on certain laboratory procedures.
  • Make referrals to specialists and the counseling center when indicated
  • Educate students on health promotion and prevention
  • Provide immunizations per CDC recommendations. This includes annual TB screening
  • Provide counseling and lab services to students who have a blood borne pathogen exposure while functioning in the student role
  • Provide annual PPD tests for all students
  • Student education and outreach through publications

Last modified: Aug 24, 2012