Policy for ADD/ ADHD Medications and Evaluations

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For students who present with a diagnosis from an outside provider or agency:

If a student wants a KUMC SH physician or nurse practitioner to be responsible for continuing an existing treatment plan, a student must provide records from the previous provider. The records must reflect a diagnosis based on current testing, breadth of testing, and a clear definitive diagnosis consistent with testing results. In order to comply with these essential elements, a student should provide record of the following:

  1. It is preferred that testing have been preformed in the previous 4 years and identify current functional issues. Any significant event that would affect diagnosis/function since the last evaluation will necessitate updated testing. We feel it is essential that there be current documentation of disorder.
  2. The testing must include a clinical interview and two of the four of the following tests:
    • WAIS III
    • Woodcock-Johnson III Cognitive and Achievement Test
    • Connors AD/HD Rating Scale
    • Connors Symptom Checklist of Adult ADD
  3. A diagnostic statement from the mental health professional who administered the testing with a recommendation by the evaluator for a prescription as part of the treatment plan.

Without such comprehensive evaluations, the KUMC staff does not feel it to be appropriate to either institute or continue drug therapy.

All initial visits for ADD should be scheduled with a KUMC Student Health physician. Please make sure to bring or have all of your records sent before coming to the initial visit. Medications will not be prescribed until records have been sent and an initial consult is done with a KUMC Student Health Physician.

For students who present suspecting they may have ADD or have previously been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but do not have documentation that meets the criteria listed above:

The Student Health Center (SHC) and Counseling and Educational Support Services’ (CESS) goal is to provide comprehensive care with the ultimate goal being improved function and wellbeing. In order to accomplish this, all students who suspect that they may have ADD will receive services from both parties to ensure a holistic, comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Initial screening and consultation will occur in CESS with the Director of Educational Support Services. This screening is available to all currently enrolled students who are attending classes. The Learning Specialist will determine whether the preliminary data warrant a referral for additional testing. If additional testing is warranted, a list of providers in the community will be provided, or if direct service demands of the staff allow for the time commitment of additional testing, it may be available at CESS.

If a diagnosis of ADD is made, by an outside provider or a KUMC provider in the SHC or CESS, all treatment options will be explored. Use of controlled medications may be an option, but will be considered in the context of a multidimensional and multidisciplinary approach to treatment. Medication is not guaranteed to all students with the diagnosis of ADD, but may be considered as a part of the overall plan of care.

The Director of Educational Support Services will communicate results with the student’s permission to a provider in Student Health. To protect student’s privacy, a release of information will be obtained by either department before sharing of information occurs

It is important to note that the documentation provided by the Director of Educational Support Services, psychologists in Counseling & Educational Support Services, or a provider in the Student Health Center will not be sufficient for student to receive accommodations through the KU Medical Center Academic Accommodations Office for students. If a student desires accommodations, a list of providers in the community will be furnished upon request. The student is financially responsible for any costs that occur when consulting an outside provider.

Last modified: Mar 06, 2014