Health Requirements for Continuing Students

Immunization Policy

All students at the University of Kansas Medical Center are required to have a complete immunization record on file at Student Health. Immunization requirements can viewed by clicking on your program of study on this page.   Students can check their current immunization status online here under the "Immunizations" tab.

Any special circumstances regarding immunizations should be discussed with Student Health individually.  To make an appointment to discuss a special circumstance, click here.  Failure to comply with the Student Health Immunization Policy will result in denial of class registration.

Immunization Clinic

Immunizations and TB tests are available at Student Health each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 am to 1 pm without an appointment. Students may receive any necessary immunizations during these times. If these times do not work for you, please click here to make an appointment. No TB skin tests will be administered on Thursdays. All TB tests placed at Student Health must be read by a Student Health staff member.

A variety of immunizations is available at the Student Health Center at reduced rates. Among those offered are Hepatitis B, MMR, Tetanus, Varicella, and flu shots. All students MUST complete one annual TB screening. Any student who receives a TB skin test at Student Health and fails to have his or her TB test read will be charged $20.00.

Immunization Requirements:

Flu Shot Requirements:

All clinical students, meaning any student who has contact with patients or who is working in a hospital or clinic environment, are required to get the flu shot when it becomes available in the fall.

Students in the following programs are considered to be clinical students for whom the flu shot is required:

  • School of Medicine:  MD Students
  • School of Nursing:  BSN, Advanced Practice MSN (except Psychiatric APRN), Advanced Practice DNP
  • School of Health Professions:  RT, OT, PT, DPT, CRNA, Speech & Language, Audiology, Diagnostic Ultrasound Technology, Dietetics & Nutrition Intern, CLS

Flu shots are available free of charge in the Student Health Office, 1012 Student Center.  There will be an announcement by broadcast email and Facebook when shots become available.  A limited number of flu shots are available, so it is recommended that students come at the earliest opportunity to receive the shot.  After the supply is exhausted, students will be directed to hospital clinics to receive the shot.  If the flu shot is received in a clinic other than the Student Health clinic, the student is required to provide documentation of the shot to Student Health.

Flu shots are available to non-clinical students, also free of charge.  The following students are considered to be non-clinical and are not required to receive the flu vaccine:

  • Graduate Studies, HIM, HPM, RN to BSN, SON PhD, Leadership MSN, Leadership DNP, Biostatistics (MS, PhD), MPH, MSCR, Molecular Biotech, Dietetics & Nutrition MS and PhD, Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing.

Students may decline the vaccination by signing a declination form at Student Health.  Students who choose to decline the vaccine should understand that it may affect clinical placement at medical institutions because a declination for the flu vaccine may not be accepted.  Failure to secure a clinical placement could have adverse effects on the ability to complete the requirements for a degree from KUMC.  In addition, students who decline the flu vaccine should understand that their school will be notified of their declination.  Finally, each year a hold will be placed on the student's account until the vaccine is received or a declination is signed.

TB skin testing

Last modified: Apr 09, 2014