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Student Health Services (SHS) at the University of Kansas Medical Center is a department within the Division of Student Services.  We are committed to providing high quality, evidence-based, primary health care to students, spouses, and domestic partners.  In addition, we assist students with health and immunization requirements to ensure optimal safety in practice and research initiatives.  SHS provides treatment without discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, and sexual orientation.  Privacy and confidentiality are strictly enforced.


KUMC Student Services is a community of caring health professionals who value innovation, quality and efficiency.  We provide evidence-based services to meet the ever-changing healthcare needs of our students and support the academic mission of the university.

Student Health Parking in Olathe II Parking Facility
Student Health Services is pleased to offer two hours parking in the Olathe II Parking Facility for those who have an appointment in the Student Health Center.  Please present your ticket for validation when you arrive for your appointment.  After two hours, students will be responsible for the maximum rate of $6. 
If a visitor to the Student Health Center is unable to walk from the Olathe II Parking facility to due illness or injury, parking will be available in the disabled parking space adjacent to the clinic.  Please report to the front desk in Student Health upon arrival to pick up your temporary handicap parking identification. 
Please note:  You may only park in the Olathe II Parking Facility during your appointment with Student Health by registering as a Courtesy Parker via Courtesy Parking Request found at Time limits are strictly enforced.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!


Walk in immunizations are offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00 to 1:00.  Immunizations are also available by appointment.  Remember, flu shots are required for all clinical students this year.  Every clinical student must get a flu shot OR sign a declination form at Student Health.  

For those considering a declination, please understand that a declination may affect clinical placement because medical institutions may not accept students who have not been vaccinated.  Failure to secure a clinical placement could have adverse effects on the ability to complete the requirements for a degree from KUMC.


In accordance with the State of Kansas Recommendations for the Use of Tuberculin During the Nationwide Shortage (Update June 2013), we not be placing two step tuberculin skin tests (TST) at the time of admission. We will be requiring a single TST. In addition, instead of the annual TST requirement for all clinical and medical students, we will be conducting IGRA testing. IGRA testing will also be required for any nonclinical student who is an animal handler, traveled to an endemic country within the past year, has had a known exposure to tuberculosis, or works in a high risk clinical situation. The student will be responsible for the cost of the screening. Whenever possible, student health will assist with third party billing on IGRA testing.




Last modified: Jan 02, 2014
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