Income Adjustment Policy

Financial aid eligibility is calculated using the prior year’s income and assets, which are provided on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  An institution has the authority to use professional judgment on a case by case basis to adjust elements in the federal need analysis to take into consideration special circumstances where the income reported for a prior year does not adequately represent income available for the academic year.


Each income appeal is reviewed on an individual basis by the Department of Student Financial Aid and/or the Student Financial Aid Advisory Committee.  If a student is not satisfied with the initial decision, he or she may submit an additional appeal either by a letter or in person directly to the Student Financial Aid Advisory Committee.  Additional appeal decisions of the Student Financial Aid Advisory Committee are final.  The Director of Student Financial Aid retains the discretion of professional judgment, where permitted, in individual cases.


In order to request an appeal, students must submit a 2014-2015 Income Appeal Form.  It is important that comprehensive documentation is provided.  This may include pay stubs, letters from employers showing loss of employment, income tax documents, expense reports, etc. to allow the Student Financial Aid Office sufficient information to make a decision.  If you have have questions about this policy, contact the Student Financial Aid Office, G035 Dykes Library, (913) 588-5170, or


Last modified: Nov 07, 2016