Schedule a Wellness Speaker

Whether to complement an organization meeting or advance your members’ professional and personal development, consider contacting the Student Wellness Program. The interactive, “hands on” approach of the wellness speakers will engage and challenge participants. To schedule a presentation, simply e-mail the presenter listed for each topic.

Emotional Wellness

Stress Management “On-The-Go”
Learn brief, effective strategies for decreasing stress and preventing burnout in your day-to-day life.
Contact: Dr. Larry Long (

Optimal Mood States: Managing Test Anxiety / Performance Anxiety
How do elite performing artists, athletes, and students do their best when under pressure? Learn to manage stress more efficiently and maintain an optimal performance mood state.
Contact: Dr. Larry Long (

Being Resilient and Hardy - When We Don't Feel Like It
Participants will identify hardy coping strategies to apply in work and play.
Contact: Dr. James Dugan (

Emotional Intelligence: Another Way of Being Smart
Learn how emotional intelligence contributes to career success for scientists, physicians, and health care professionals.
Contact: Dr. James Dugan (

EQ - Emotional Intelligence + IQ + Learning Strategies = School Success
Combining emotional, intellectual & learning competencies for your academic success
Contact: Dr. James Dugan (

Intellectual Wellness

Time Management for Busy Professionals
This presentation helps busy professionals and students make the best use of time, clarify priorities, and avoid procrastination pitfalls.
Contact: Dr. Kimberly Vandegeest (

Secrets to Effective Test Taking: Multiple Choice, Negative Phrase & Extended Matching
Learn strategies for improving test taking skills.
Contact: Alice Carrott (

Successful Licensing Board Preparation
Learn effective strategies for preparing for licensing board exams, in-service training exams, and Specialty Board exams.
Contact: Alice Carrott (

Getting the Most Out of Small Group Study
The power of the group is greater than the sum of its members. Participants will learn how small group study enhances performance.
Contact: Connie Hesler (

Know Your Learning Style
Participants complete a learning style test (KOLB) and work interactively to understand how their learning style impacts academic performance. [Please Note: Testing time = 30 min. & Test Interpretation & Discussion = 60 min. There is a testing fee of $15 per student].
Contact: Alice Carrott (

Maximizing Textbook Reading & Note-taking
Participants will learn how to get the most out of reading textbooks and note-taking.
Contact: Alice Carrott (

Social Wellness

Get To Know Your Community
Do you know the needs of your community and what your community has to offer? KUMC is part of a vibrant and active neighborhood group known as Rosedale. As a student of KUMC, you are a part of this community. This presentation will address your community resources, including the Rosedale Development Association, neighborhood associations, crime prevention ideas and volunteer opportunities.
Contact: Officer Jess Brizendine (

Psychogeometrics: The Art and Shape of Communication
Want to improve working relationships among your group? This interactive program helps members identify strengths and weaknesses in communicating and how to build group cohesion.
Contact: Dr. Kimberly Vandegeest (

Marriage and a Professional Career…making it work
Professionals often devote 80 hours to their careers. Couples and families are time squeezed and relationships are intense. Learn some practical and empirically based suggestions that help couples and families enhance their relationship.
Contact: Dr. James Dugan (

Establishing Patient Rapport in 3 Minutes or Less
Learn brief interpersonal tactics that will enhance your patient’s experience and make helping others more enjoyable.
Contact: Dr. Larry Long (

Assertiveness- Improving Communication with Bosses, Peers, Patients, and Important Others
Participants will learn effective communication skills and assertive techniques.
Contact: Dr. Kimberly Vandegeest (

Ingredients of Successful Leadership
Empirically derived characteristics of successful leaders will be discussed. Participants will learn how they may enhance their effectiveness as leaders.
Contact: Dr. James Dugan (

Physical Wellness

Helping Sexual Assault Survivors
Discover effective strategies to help patients, family members, and peers who survive a sexual assault.
Contact: Dr. Kimberly Vandegeest (

Helping an Impaired Colleague
How do you approach a colleague who you suspect is impaired? We assist faculty and students to identify qualified professionals within your discipline who present on communication and intervention strategies with impaired professionals.
Contact: Dr. Larry Long (

Helping Individuals with Eating Disorders
Learn helpful approaches to providing support and psychological interventions to individuals with eating disorders.
Contact: Dr. Kimberly Vandegeest (

Last modified: Aug 07, 2012