Requesting a Tables and Chair Set-Up

Facilities Management must be contacted if you need a table or chair set-up on campus. Email Richard Jones ( to play a work order.  Please note that there is a charge affiliated with work request orders (unless you note that you are a student organization and agree to set the tables and chairs up on your own).  Facilities require a minimum of two weeks prior notice.

If your event is in the School of Nursing Atrium, only facility employees are allowed to set up and tear down tables and chairs.  Please contact Kari Ziblut ( for the School of Nursing Ground Floor Atrium Usage Policy.

Depending on the purpose and timing of your function, Facilities Management might allow your organization to set up and take down your own tables and chairs, thus sparing your organization the fee.  To pursue this option, please follow these guidelines:

1.  Email Richard Jones (

2. Make sure you note that you are a registered student organization with no funds and you are requesting permission to move your own tables and chairs for your event.  Be sure to include the # of tables and # of chairs you will need, date and time of your event as well as purpose.   (Facilities will let you know if there are tables/chairs available that day)

3. If permission is received from Facilities, call Instructional Services at 913-588-7326.  Explain that you have been given permission by Facilities Management to move your own tables and chairs and you would like to reserve the closet that holds the equipment.  Instructional Services will send you a confirmation e-mail.  (Instructional Services will actually "reserve" the closet for you where the tables/chairs are located)

4.  On the day of your event, take your confirmation e-mail to Instructional Services, 2015 Orr Major, where you will receive the key to the closet.  (If you do not have a confirmation, you will not be allowed to check out the key.)

5.  This is a privilege that student organizations have enjoyed for several years.  In order to maintain our relationship with Facilities Management, please be sure to clean all tables and store the items as they were found.

Last modified: Jan 11, 2016