Requesting a Hospital Display Table

Requests for scheduling display space in the hospital are made through the Communications Services Department, located on the Westwood Campus (2330 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Suite #302).  Ask to speak to Carol Keen, 913-945-5195,  Carol will need the name of your organization, a brief description of the display, number of tables, and dates/times of the display.  The request must be made at least one month in advance. 

The display location in the hospital is across the cafeteria exit in front of the glass case.  There can be two tables set up at one time.  In order to reserve a display space, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • The display must be sponsored by an official KUMC campus entity and relate to either the hospital or university
  • The subject of the display must relate to the mission of the campus
  • No solicitation is allowed unless approval is given
  • If the group wants to raise money, the display must be approved by Mary King, Communications Services Director. The funds raised must directly benefit the campus or a department
  • Displays of a controversial nature may not be approved
  • If food is sold/given, it must be pre-wrapped individually and prepared according to health codes
  • Fundraising competition among entities is not permitted

This space is highly requested and therefore a maximum of five days is allotted for informational tables within a one-month time frame and a maximum of two days for fundraising within a three-month time frame.  You will need to post your “display card” which indicates you have authorization for your display. 

Remember that there is a fee to schedule the delivery and removal of tables and chairs.  You will need to contact Facilities Management by emailing "" with a work order which includes your organization's account number, the date of the event and time for table set-up. Student Organizations: please see the Nuts and Bolts chapter, “Holding an Event on Campus”, section “Making a Request of Facilities” for more information.  You are responsible for removing any trash accumulated by your display.  If you need additional boxes for excess trash, contact Environmental Services at 913-588-1155. 

Last modified: Aug 08, 2012