Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are provided throughout the campus for posting notices about special events and meetings.  The taping of signs and posters to walls, doors and glass is prohibited.  The Office of Student Life is responsible for displaying and removing your organization's signs on the university side of campus.  University side bulletin boards are located in all university buildings and are designated with a sign that reads, "University Postings Only".  Drop 30 posters/flyers off to the Office of Student Life at least one week prior to your scheduled event or meeting. 

In order to post signs on the hospital side of campus, all materials must be delivered to the valet desk of the Hospital.  Posters should be 8½ x 11 in size and should include both a sponsoring organization and date for removal.  30 copies are requested.  All signs will be posted Wednesday mornings.  


Last modified: Jan 11, 2016