Medical Referral for Exercise

Program Overview (6 month program)

The Medical Referral for Exercise program will focus on using exercise for disease prevention & lifestyle change. This program is designed to meet the patient where they are and help them along the journey to developing or maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This program is supervised by the Kirmayer Fitness Center Medical Director, Dr. Luke Haws and facilitated by Kirmayer Fitness Center accredited personal trainers.  Programs are designed for weight loss, post physical therapy, chronic disease management and overall wellness.

  • Results oriented programming and guidance   

    •   Two (2) group training sessions per week (45 minutes) with NCCA accredited personal trainer

    •   Individual programmed workouts 3-4 days per week, cardio and strength training

    •   General nutrition and behavior change strategies  

    • Pre- and Post-fitness assessments

For more information contact Amber Long at or (913) 588-7703.            

    *** Obtain a medical referral from your University of Kansas Hospital physician! Take this form to your next apointment:  Physician Referral Form

Last modified: Nov 18, 2014