Private Fitness Classes

Private group fitness classes, by request:
Do you need to entertain a group of people? Build camraderie? Provide stress relief? Let us help! We offer private group fitness classes on-site here at Kirmayer or at your location by request. Sessions will be led by a certified group fitness instructor.

Classes are subject to availability of instructors and space. Common class requests include yoga, Zumba, strength training or partner based movement. All ideas will be entertained, just ask!

*Participants must sign a waiver of liability prior to participating. Fees must be paid in full prior to the session. 24 hours advanced notice is required for cancellation and re-scheduling, otherwise a loss of fee will result.

On-Site- KRC                                                         1 Instructor                                     2 Instructors, over 50 people
Registered Student Organizations                                 $30                                                              $60
KU sponsored, KU participants                                     $40                                                              $80
KU sponsored, non KU participants                              $100                                                            $125
Non-University                                                            $125                                                            $150

Location: KRC Studio 1 & Studio 2 or Gymnasium

Off-Site- by request                                                1 Instructor                                      2 Instructors, over 50 people
Registered Student Organizations                                  $40                                                              $80
KU sponsored, KU participants                                      $50                                                              $100
KU sponsored, non KU participants                               $125                                                             $150
Non-University                                                             $150                                                              $175

Location: By request

Request a private fitness class - email Leslie -!

Other classes may be considered by request. Classes that utilize equipment may only take place at Kirmayer Recreation Center. For additional information or questions, please do not hesitate to call (913) 588-7702.

Last modified: Jan 16, 2015