Membership Rates & Application

Kirmayer Membership

Get signed up! Complete MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and bring to Kirmayer!  Ask us about our New Member $30/30 day program!


Employee membership: Current employees of KUMC (State of KS), Hospital Authority, KUPI, MAC, or Research Institute are eligible for membership. $39 per month.

Medical membership: University of Kansas Hospital referred patients are eligible for membership with a clinician referral. (Note: referral must be completed and signed prior to purchasing membership). $39 per month.

Sponsored membership: Sponsored membership is available for those that have friends outside the KUMC community, this can include a spouse, friend or family member. Members may sponsor one person. $39 per month.

Family membership: We encourage families to engage in healthy habits together; therefore, we offer a family membership, which includes two (2) adults and two (2) dependents, 14-23 years of age, all living in the same household. $90 per month.

Alumni membership: Any KU or KUMC academic alumni (please provide a copy of transcript, diploma alumni association membership) $39/month.

Retiree membership:  Any reitred KU or KUMC employee. Please provide proof of past employment. $39/month.


1. Payroll deduction - employees only PAYROLL DEDUCTION APPLICATION (complete and bring to facility). No down payment, no contract. 60 day termination notice required.

2. Credit card auto draft (monthly). 30 day termination notice required.

3. Pay in full : check, credit cards only. 


* Memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable, except in the case of documented medical illness or long term sabatical.


Last modified: Dec 08, 2014