Kirmayer Member Spotlight

Med student Vicki commits to consistent exerciseFirst-year medical student Vicki Otano has exercised on and off throughout her life. But as her schedule would fill up, exercise would fall by the wayside. This on/off routine changed after she attended the School of Medicine orientation. 

One of the presenters talked about the importance of students taking care of themselves and said "if we don't take care of ourselves, how can we expect our patients to take care of themselves."  This statement resonated with Vicki and compelled her to commit to exercise...for the long haul. 

Since July 2014, Vicki has stayed true to her commitment to exercise two to four times a week, no matter what her schedule throws at her. And her schedule throws a lot at her.

Here's the breakdown of a typical week for Vicki: 

  • Classes 9 a.m. - noon Monday - Friday
  • Lunch meetings, two - three times/week
  • Two-hour afternoon labs, three times/week
  • Study time - evenings and weekends

Vicki's schedule requires her to make a conscious effort to block off time to exercise. Her exercise of choice is the GT45 class, a 45-minute intense boot camp-type class, at Kirmayer Fitness Center. She enjoys the instructor-led group environment, workout diversity and socialization of meeting other students and employees. 

This has been the longest stretch that Vicki has exercised consistently. As a result of her commitment, Vicki sleeps better and manages stress more effectively. She also makes better choices when it comes to food. 

"I find that when I exercise more, I eat healthier," she explained. "When I'm not exercising much, I tend to gravitate toward more junk food. 

"I'm always going to be busy," Vicki said. "And I'll become even busier as I move along the medical path. I have to make exercise and taking care of myself a priority so I can lead by example."

Last modified: May 06, 2015