Submitting a Paper Online

We recognize that many students cannot visit the Writing Center due to their schedule or location. Although nothing can replace face-to-face consulting, email for these students may be the preferred or only way to get feedback.  

First, focus your area of need. A general request for help won't yield useful feedback. The more specific the concern, the more effective the feedback. For example, one focused area might be transitions between paragraphs.

Second, fill out the form below and attach your paper. Always include your assignment. Please send a Microsoft Word document so that we use the "track changes" function to make comments, highlight text, suggest changes, and so on. This allows you to see the consultant's feedback directly on your draft and to make choices based on his response.

We will comment on grammar only if requested, and only to pinpoint and/or summarize a specific issue. We don't copy edit or proofread papers; however, we will demonstrate ways for you to correct errors and develop your work, especially the flow, organization, and conceptual framework.

Third, receive comments from the writing specialist by email. Your draft will be returned as soon as possible, with as much information about it as possible. The turnaround time is usually 3 business days, so be sure to submit your work with your deadline in mind.

A paper submitted over the weekend may take longer. Submit work early for faster results! If you have a long paper (e.g., more than 8 pages), we strongly recommend you submit twice in a 6-day period or else consider a video conference.

Last modified: Jul 10, 2015
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