Ally Project Participants

Ally Project Participants (A list of people who openly identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or straight ally.  This list will help people on campus connect with one another and create a community of support).

Last Name First Name Department Contact Information
Ainsworth Ali SOM14
Bloom Ashley SOM13
Cheng Vincent SOM14
Cox Josiah SOM14
Connolly Meghan SOM14
Crenner Christopher             Assoc. Prof. & Chair of History & Philosophy of Med
Dashjian Tracey Counseling and Ed. Support Services
Deeken Audrey SOM14
Gove Ryan Student Engagement
Hidaka Brandon SOM14
Kurth Ben SOM14
Lee Sharon Dian MD, Family Health Care, Director
Long Larry Counseling and Ed. Support Services
McClure Adam SOM14
Nguyen Barbara SOM14
Pearce Elspeth SOM14
Vandegeest-Wallace Kim Counseling and Ed. Support Services

Last modified: Dec 18, 2015