Self-Help Resources

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Effective Note Taking
Lecture Previewing
Preparing for Exams
Word Analysis
Active Versus Passive Learning

Test Taking

Analyze Your Test Errors
Multiple Choice Tests
Test Taking Strategies - Multiple Choice
What Is Test Anxiety?
Final Exam Concept Review
Post Exam Debrief

Time Management

Procrastination Quotient
Available Hours In A Week
Time Management Tips
Time Management Guidelines

Stress Management

Stress Warning Signals
101 Ways to Reduce Stress
Brief Relaxation Exercises
Relieve Stress In A Straight Back Chair
Concentration Enhancement - Distracting Thoughts
Concentration Enhancement - Negative Thoughts
Healthy Thinking
Sleep Hygiene
My Vision of a Healthy Lifestyle


Effective Communicating & Fair Fighting
Relationships 101: SoM M1 Orientation (video)

Relaxation Recordings

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (mp3: 11.8 MB/17:14 minutes)
Autogenic Relaxation Training (mp3: 13.8 MB/12:05 minutes)
Oak Creek (mp3: 11.8 MB/10:19 minutes)
Simply Sailing (mp3: 22 MB/24:05 minutes)
The Sea (mp3: 10.1 MB/8:51 minutes)

Relationship Resources

John Gottman Videos on Relationship Success:
#1 Thing Couples Fight About
Builidng Trust
Relationship Repair
3 Things Never to Say in an Argument
Honor Your Partner's Dreams
Four Negative Patterns that Predict Divorce (I)
Four Negative Patterns that Predict Divorce (II)
How to Complain Without Hurting Your Partner

Distance Learners

Care for Distance Learners

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