Alumni Eligibility

At KUMC Career Services, we wish to honor our students' decision to earn their degree at this institution, or our medical residents' decision to complete their training here. For the first six months after completion of a program, alumni are elligible to use the services free of charge. Any who wish to meet with Career Services after that period of six months can meet with a Career Development Specialist for a fee of $50 per appointment. 

What Types of Services Can Alumni Use?

Alumni can use all services to which current KUMC students have access, and there are no limits to the number of times that one can use services. Email consultation is always free for all students, medical residents, and former students and residents with Career Services exercising judgment on whether or not a particular concern could be addressed via email. 

Limitations of Service

  • Admittance to a KUMC Career Fair will require a KUMC or KU ID card.   
  • Career services do not extend to post-doctoral students employed by the University of Kansas Medical Center, unless they have also earned their degree here.
  • Students must pay for the appointment prior to service in a way pre-arranged by the Student Services Division. 
  • Alumni eligibility in regard to KUMC Career Services is defined as all students and medical residents who have attended the University of Kansas Medical Center, and students who have attended but have not matriculated from their respective degree programs . 

 For Questions about this policy, or to request an appointment please contact Career Services at 913-945-7012.



Last modified: Jun 17, 2015