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Student Handbook

The University of Kansas Medical Center trains health care professionals and researchers from many disciplines. In this arena of health care reform, it is more imperative than ever that we realize our affiliation by school is an artificial division. We need to learn ways to work together and rely on each other for the ultimate benefit of those we serve, our patients.

For this reason, we are pleased to make available the KUMC Policy Library.

Each individual school has their own student handbook. Those individual sites are linked below:

The various handbooks provide pertinent information that as a student, you will be responsible to know (For example, e-mail is the official mode of communication at KUMC, you are required to submit information for your student health record, and you must keep a current copy of your health insurance on file). Also note that a link for the KUMC Police Department's Annual Report is available. 

Last modified: Aug 25, 2018