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Communicable Diseases and Infection Control Policy

All enrolled students on a KU Medical Center campus (Kansas City, Wichita, or Salina) with a communicable disease or infectious illness that may affect the health and safety of others MUST advise Student Health Services (SHS) on their respective campus.  Examples of communicable disease or infectious illness under this policy include, but are not limited to, viral hepatitis, febrile illness, antibiotic resistant Infections, tuberculosis, and mumps. Prior to participation in school activities, all students are required to have their communicable disease risk status assessed. Students with a known communicable disease or infectious illness may be asked to consent to release of appropriate medical records, be evaluated in person, obtain diagnostic testing, and/or be referred to a specialist depending on the nature of the communicable disease. The student is responsible for any costs (some of which may be covered by medical insurance) involved in evaluation of his/her condition.

The Staff at the SHS has an obligation to reduce the risk of infection of patients, other students, faculty and staff on the KUMC campuses.  Therefore, a decision about the risk the student poses to the health and safety of others on the KUMC campuses or while performing student duties at an affiliated institution will be the responsibility of the SHC Staff.  Individualized plans for accommodation with respect to students with any infection risk will be based on the Center for Disease Control guidelines; specifically the updated recommendations to promote patient safety while proving risk management and practice guidance to students and health-care providers.   

If there are restrictions or accommodations that are requested or suggested in individual cases, the student's school of study and/or Academic Accommodation Services will be contacted concerning SHS recommendations without giving specific medical information unless the student signs a consent for release of such medical information. The student's school of study will make the final determination of any accommodation(s) that can be reasonably made to allow a student to participate to the fullest potential and complete their educational requirements without compromising the health, safety and welfare of others on the KUMC campuses and affiliates.  A student with a communicable disease or infectious illness pursuing a course of study that requires clinical rotations should be aware that the University of Kansas cannot guarantee placement at external affiliate sites for clinical rotations.  Students participating in clinical rotations are subject to the requirements and approval of the clinical rotation site.


Last modified: Jul 26, 2018