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International Student Health Insurance Waiver Process

If you are in J-1, F-1, or F-2 status and can show adequate insurance coverage from another provider, you may request a waiver by completing the electronic waiver process, which includes uploading an insurance identification card.

To receive an insurance waiver, your insurance must meet all the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) minimum requirements or your waiver will be denied. Stand-alone travel and/or emergency/urgent care only coverage is not acceptable.

If your insurance waiver request is submitted within the deadline and your insurance plan meets all the KBOR minimum insurance requirements, a waiver will be granted and you will not need to enroll in the United Healthcare plan. Plans which do not meet the KBOR minimum insurance requirements will not be approved for a waiver, the insurance fee will be assessed to your student account and you will be enrolled in the KUMC United Healthcare student insurance plan for the semester. 

How to Submit a Waiver

If you do not wish to enroll in the United Healthcare student health insurance plan, you must do the following:

  1. Set up an account with ECI Services.
  2. Log into your ECI Services account and click the Waive-It icon to go to the waiver portal administered by ECI Services.
  3. Enter your insurance information on the Waiver Form and upload a copy of the front and back sides of your insurance card.
  4. All waiver requests must be submitted by the first day of classes each semester.

NOTE:   A mid-semester re-audit will be performed by ECI Services on all insurance waivers which are approved.  If ECI Services determines your waived insurance policy has been cancelled or your coverage has changed and does not meet the KBOR insurance requirements, you will automatically be enrolled in the KUMC UnitedHealthcare StudentResources student insurance plan and the premium cost will be charged to your student tuition and fees account. 

If you have questions regarding waivers, please contact ECI Services on behalf of the University of Kansas Medical Center at 833-249-0574 or via email at

You must complete a new waiver every semester you do not want the KUMC insurance.

Last modified: Jun 28, 2019