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Health Insurance FAQs

New to health insurance? Questions about the terminology? There are many online resources that can help!

Starting with the basics, United Healthcare has a Health Insurance 101 page, which explains what health insurance is, how it works, and general information on different types of plans.

There are also many resources for more detailed information. The Kaiser Family Foundation has created several vidoes to explain basic healthcare terminology and standard practices. These short videos explain concepts like health premiums, out-of-pocket health costs, and provider networks.

United Healthcare has also put together several short videos to help explain health insurance concepts. Their videos also explain how the student health insurance works, including how to set up a United Healthcare account, how to request an ID card, and how to check the status of a claim.

If you prefer text instead of videos, United Healthcare has an FAQ page, which contains information on utilizing the United Healthcare StudentResources health insurance plan in particular. On the FAQ page you can find imformation on enrollment, using your coverage, and how to handle insurance claims, among other topics.

If you come across an insurance term you are unfamiliar with, United Healthcare provides an online glossary.

Last modified: Jul 19, 2019