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Reimbursements Dates

Refunds of overpayments are processed by Student Financial Accounting. Scheduled dates of refund disbursements for the current academic year are below:

For any additional Important Dates, please visit the Academic Calendar.

Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students 2018-19 refund disbursement dates:

Summer: June 1, 2018
Fall: August 16, 2018
Spring: January 14, 2019

Medical Students 2018-19 refund disbursement dates:

First year Class of 2022
Fall: July 27, 2018
Spring: Janurary 4, 2019

Second Year Class of 2021
Fall: July 20, 2018
Spring: January 4, 2019

Third Year Class of 2020
Fall: May 25, 2018
Spring: December 28, 2018

Fourth Year Class of 2019
Fall: June 1, 2018
Spring: January 4, 2018


Reasons why aid has not disbursed:

1. Student is not in enough hours to receive Federal Aid.
For specific information on undergraduate and graduate enrollment please read KUMC's Enrollment Information.

Medical Students who are enrolled in a summer program must complete the Summer Medical Application for Loans

2. Master Promissory Note has not been completed.
If a Master Promissory Note (MPN) has not been completed please visit to complete the MPN.

Note: KU Endowment Loans require a separate application.

3. Financial Aid has not been accepted.
Students who have been offered financial aid will be sent an email to their KUMC email address with instructions on how to accept or decline aid on Enroll & Pay.

4. Items on TO DO List have not been completed.
On Enroll & Pay, there is a TO DO List that shows if there are any items that need to be completed. These items can include: completing a Master Promissory Note or Entrance Counseling at, completing the verification process or; submitting documentation for any FAFSA issues. Please see Federal Requirements page for more information on FAFSA issues.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018