Medical Residency and Relocation Loans

Residency & Relocation loans are available to medical students who are enrolled in their final year of medical school, enrolled at least half time, and will receive their graduate medical degree during this academic school year.

The student must acknowledge that these funds will only be used to cover the expenses associated with their residency program, including the costs of interviewing for their residency program and the cost of relocating to the area where their residency training will occur.

Listed below are the names of lenders that offer Residency & Relocation Loans. You may also wish to contact your own bank to see if they offer such a loan program.

Our department cannot recommend a lender for you. If you have any questions about the loan, please contact the lender.

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Medical Student Residency & Relocation Loans

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Residency Loan

Sallie Mae
Residency & Relocation Loan

Wells Fargo
MedCAP - XTRA Loan

For more information, contact the Department of Student Financial Aid, (913) 588-5170 or email

Last modified: Dec 07, 2016