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Add/Drop a Class

MD Students: Please contact your respective Student Affairs Office for more information.

Students must officially drop or withdraw from classes and non-attendance does not constitute a drop or withdrawal. Tuition and fees are adjusted according to the adjustment schedule in the academic calendar. Students receiving financial assistance are also encouraged to visit Student Financial Aid prior to withdrawing from classes.

The effects of withdrawing from courses on a transcript are as follows for regular 15 week undergraduate and graduate courses. The dates are pro-rated for summer and non-regular courses. Please check the Academic Calendar for specific deadline dates.

A canceled course does not appear on an academic transcript. A withdrawn course does appear on the academic transcript with a grade of W and is not factored into the student's grade point average.

Dropping an Individual Course
Canceling or Withdrawing From all of Your Classes
Leave of Absence (LOA)

Dropping an Individual Course

You can drop individual classes online via Enroll and Pay through the withdrawal deadline. Login to Enroll and Pay, navigate to the Student Center, select Drop a Class, and follow the instructions. If you are dropping your last class, it is considered a cancellation or withdrawal and please refer to the procedures below.

Canceling or Withdrawing From all of Your Classes

Go to Enroll and Pay to cancel or withdraw from classes. Click on Student Center and then Drop/Withdraw All Classes. For more detailed information, go to If your intentions are to completely leave the university, you must also fill out the Official Severance Form and deliver it to your academic department. If you are taking a leave of absence, that also must be discussed with your academic department.

  • Dropping all of your classes before the first day of classes is considered a Cancellation. If you want to cancel a future semester, select the Cancellation from Future Semester and select the appropriate semester. This must be done before the first day of classes.
  • Dropping all of your classes after the semester has started is considered a Withdrawal. If you want to withdraw from the current semester, select the Withdrawal from Current Semester option.

If you cancel your classes in the fall or spring semester, you will not be eligible to re-enroll at KUMC without completing a reactivation form and paying the $50 reactivation fee. If you cancel your summer courses, you will be eligible to enroll for the following fall semester only without having to complete a reactivation form.

Leave of Absence (LOA)

If a student is not going to enroll or be continuously enrolled, they need to discuss an LOA with their academic department and graduate studies (if applicable) to ensure re-entry into the program. During an LOA, you are not considered officially enrolled and you are not reported to lenders as being on an LOA. Students on financial aid are encouraged to discuss the ramifications of non-enrollment with the Student Financial Aid Office. For more information about an LOA from the academic program, please contact your advisor or Graduate Studies for graduate students. If you take an LOA, you will not be eligible to enroll without completing a reactivation form and paying the $50 reactivation fee.

Graduate Studies website


Students who are not continuously enrolled (except for the summer semester) must be reactivated and are assessed a $50 reactivation fee. If a student has not enrolled in over a year, their eligibility to have their status re-activated will be verified with their academic department by the Office of the Registrar.

Online Reactivation Form

The Office of the Registrar will contact you once the request has been approved.

The effective date of any the above requests is based on when the student submits the request but students are encouraged to submit requests well in advance of the deadline.

Any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 913-588-7055 or

Last modified: Dec 10, 2018