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Diplomas and Certificates

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a high volume of requests at this time of year, processing requests for replacement diplomas or certified copies of diplomas may take longer than usual. We appreciate your patience.

Diplomas are available for pickup in G035 Dykes Library approximately:

  • Spring Graduates: Early July
  • Summer Graduates: Mid-September
  • Fall Graduates: Mid-February

Diplomas with missing grades are not released. Call (913) 588-7055 to confirm that your diploma is available for pick-up.

If you can not pick up your diploma, please email from your KUMC e-mail address with your current address to have your diploma mailed or send a written request with your signature to Enrollment Services. Diplomas will not be mailed from telephone or non-KUMC email requests. There is a $25 fee to mail a diploma internationally.

International Mailing of an Original Diploma Order Form (PDF)

A photo ID is required to pick up your diploma.

Replacement Diploma 

Replacement or duplicate diplomas are available for order. These are for display purposes and are like the one you received after graduation.
If you are needing a copy of your diploma for verification purposes (i.e for a license, employment, etc.), please request a certified copy of your diploma instead of a replacement diploma.

The cost for a replacement diploma is $10 for pick-up, $20 for delivery by domestic regular mail, $25 for delivery by domestic certified mail, and $35 for delivery by non-domestic certified mail. Please allow at least 8 weeks for delivery once the order is placed.

Order a replacement diploma online
Replacement Diploma Order Form (PDF)

Certified Copy of Diploma

You may request a certified copy of your diploma. These are 8.5" x 11" paper copies of your diploma that display the embossed school seal, Registrar's signature, and a certifying statement on them. These are typically used for proving your degree in order to obtain licensures, certifications, employment, or other verifications.

There is no charge for a certified copy of your diploma. To request a certified copy of your diploma, email the KUMC Registrar's Office at and include in the email your name, degree received, date of birth, and student ID number (if known). You will also need to include the physical mailing address where you would like the certified copy sent. Because it has our embossed school seal we cannot email or fax a certified copy, as the school seal would not be visible.

Name Change on Diploma

Students may request a minor variation from the primary name of record to be printed on the diploma. This may include a change from the full name to a shortened version of the name (ex. Stephen or Steve), the inclusion of a middle name or initial, or the listing of a maiden name. Any other exceptions must be approved by the Registrar. In the case of students who are in multiple careers that cross campuses, the decision will be made via consultation between the University Registrar and KU Medical Center Enrollment Services. Names listed on the diploma must be easily identifiable with the official name.

Credentials on Certificate

Resident and fellow certificates may include the awardee's previous degree earned with the name (John Doe, Ph.D.; Sally Jones, M.D.).  The previous degree must match the official degree earned and shall not be converted to equivalent degrees. For foreign medical institutions, the official degree conferred is verified by searching the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research database. This database is endorsed by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.

If you have questions please contact

Last modified: Jun 26, 2019