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Office of the Student Ombudsman

The Ombudsman's office offers confidential and anonymous support and advocacy specifically to all students of the KUMC medical center as well as students in Wichita and Salina. The role of the ombudsman is to investigate and facilitate resolution of allegations by any student of perceived unfair, inappropriate, discriminating or harassing treatment (behavior) by faculty, staff, administrators, or fellow students.

This includes violations of University policy of equal treatment without regard to race, creed, religion, color, veteran status, sex, sexual preference, age, national or ethnic origin, or handicap. Acting as an advocate for fairness, the ombudsperson provides information about institutional policies and works to help students manage conflicts, understand the university system, and learn more productive ways of communicating. 

As an impartial party, the ombudsman office provides a safe place for students to be heard and to receive impartial attention without fear of loss of privacy.  The ombudsman can assist you in making informed, empowered, and educated decisions to address your situation. Consultations are kept confidential, unless the students grants the ombudsperson permission to discuss issues with involved parties or administrators.



Pam Shaw, MD
1007 Dykes Library

To make an appointment, please call 913.588.4698

Last modified: Dec 14, 2018