Voting Methods and Types

According to traditional Parlimentary Procedures procedures, there are several voting methods and types of votes that are used at specific times during the meeting. 

The following are voting methods you may choose to use to conduct business during your meetings:

  • ACCLAMATION (All those in agreement say "aye" and all those opposed say "nay")
  • SHOW OF HANDS (Count the number in agreement and the number opposed)
  • STANDING VOTE (All those in agreement stand)
  • SECRET BALLOT (Vote written on a slip of paper, collected and normally tallied by advisor or chief officer)
  • SECRET ROLL CALL BALLOT (members sign the ballots)
  • ROLL CALL (members verbally respond one at a time)

In addition to determining the method your organization will use, you will want to determine the voting type.  Examples include:

  • MAJORITY (more than half the number of votes)
  • TWO-THIRDS (2/3 or more of votes)
  • TIE VOTE (chair makes tie-breaking vote)
  • PLURALITY VOTE (largest number of votes)
  • UNANIMOUS (all votes)
  • GENERAL CONSENT (chair assumes he/she has consent of members)

Last modified: Aug 08, 2012