University Organizations

Please note that these statements were established by Central Administration.

General Statement
All organizations functioning on the Kansas City campus of the University of Kansas Medical Center are required to register with the KUMC Division of Student Services, Office of Student Life on an annual basis. Registration of the organization provides for official identification of the affiliated group, use of designated university facilities and services, eligibility for funding, and the opportunity for communication of the group's activities with the campus adminstration and other organizations.

Organizations must be established for purposes which are legal, consistent with the broad educational goals of the University and the Medical Center and in accord with the regulations, guidelines, and policies of the University of Kansas Medical Center, the University, the Board of Regents and the State of Kansas. However, registration does not imply KUMC endorsement of the purposes of an organization nor does KUMC assume sponsorship responsiblity for any of the activities of the group on or off KUMC property.

Regents Policy on Organizational Membership
The established policy of the Board of Regents of the State of Kansas prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religious faith or national origin within the instructions under its jurisdiction. All fraternal and campus-related organizations shall follow this policy in the selection of their members, except the prohibition against sex discrimination shall not apply to social fraternities or sororities which are excluded from the application of Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972.

The right of organizations to establish standards for membership is acknowledged provided that all students are afforded equal opportunity to meet those standards. Just as all students have the right to choose with whom they would associate on the campus, an organization shall have the right to select its members subject to these principles. Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted as imposing a requirement, which violates the principle of selection on the basis of individual merit.

The responsibility for compliance with this policy lies with each organization. In discharge of its responsibility, each organization shall acknowledge its understanding of this policy. Such acknowledgement shall assure that there exist no restrictions on membership, either local or national, which violates this policy.

The Chancellor or President of each institution under the jurisdiction of the Board shall establish a committee composed on students, faculty, and administrative personnel, to deal with matters related to this policy and its application. In the event of alleged violation of the policy, the committee shall investigate the allegation and report findings and recommendations regarding it to the institution’s Chancellor or President.

The following types of organizations are eligible to register with the University of Kansas Medical Center through the Division of Student Services, Office of Student Life.

  1. STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS - A Student Organization shall be defined as a group, at least 75% of whose members are currently enrolled as KU Medical Center students. The officers of the organization must be currently enrolled students. The advisor must be a current faculty or staff member located on the KUMC campus.

  2. CAMPUS ORGANIZATIONS - A Campus Organization shall be defined as a group, at least 75% of whose members are from the KUMC community, including currently enrolled students, faculty, staff or spouses of these persons. The officers of the organization must be members of the KUMC community as defined in this paragraph. The group’s sponsor must be a current faculty or staff member located on the KUMC campus.

Registration Procedures
Organizations must register annually with the University of Kansas Medical Center through the Division of Student Services, Director of Student Life, 1005 Dykes Library, phone number 913-588-6681.

In order for an organization to register with the University of Kansas Medical Center, a group must:

  1. Provide KUMC with the name and a statement of purpose (or mission) for the organization;
  2. Provide a copy of the organization's charter, constitution, or by-laws, including those of organizations external to KUMC with which the group is affiliated;
  3. Identify an advisor who is a member of the faculty or professional staff of the University;
  4. Sign the certification that the group will adhere to all applicable Regents and KUMC regulations affecting registered organizations and, in particular, the Regents Policy on Non-discrimination in Organizational Membership;
  5. Maintain with the Office of Student Life, a current registration form which includes names and addresses of the president(s) and advisor(s);

The registration process occurs at the beginning of each new year (January/February). At that time, all organizations must submit a current registration form to the Office of Student Life. The Office will review an organization's registration materials and determine: a) if the group is eligible to register with the University of Kansas Medical Center; and, b) the organization's category for registration purposes. The registering organization and their advisor will be notified via e-mail of the Offices's decision to grant or to deny registration status.

Groups wishing to appeal a decision about registration status should contact the Vice Chancellor of Student Services.

The Division of Student Services maintains complete files of registration materials throughout the academic year to which the registration applies. A record of the organization registration will be maintained for historical purposes.

Benefits for Registered Organizations
Registering with KUMC entitles organizations to the following benefits:

  1. Use of KUMC name in the organization's title (provided that class, school or category affiliation is also included in the title)
  2. Use of facilities including scheduling meeting rooms, classrooms, auditoriums and other designated spaces
  3. Use of University Services:
    1. Use of campus mail and telecommunications system for official business of the organization in accordance with established KUMC and State policies
    2. Be listed in and publicize activities through KUMC publications
    3. Utilize KUMC staff and programming resources as approved
    4. Request use of a table in the designated information area during School of Medicine orientation week activities (if organization is open to Medical students)
    5. Receive information materials from the Director of Student Engagement regarding KUMC policies, procedures and activities (student organizations only).
  4. Request Student Governing Council non-food and food funding (student organizations only).
  5. A seat at any Presidents Roundtable Meetings (student organizations only).
  6. Access to the Calkins Student Organization Center (G005 Orr Major).

Last modified: Aug 02, 2017