Student Safekeeping

Student Safekeeping is an established accounting system and is available to all registered student organizations.  It was originally created to ensure a quick turnaround time on reimbursement funds for students.  Any registered student organization with funds is encouraged to open a Student Safekeeping Account.

When submitting a check request, be sure all vendor receipts are attached and proper approval signatures are used.  All vendor receipts should be attached.  Do not mix personal items and items for reimbursement on the same receipt.  Monies in advance can be obtained by submitting minutes of the student organization meeting detailing the specific amount and vendor that has been voted and approved.  Additionally, monies can be obtained in advance if the student organization receives an invoice with the finalized payment amount to be paid to a vendor.  General turnaround time is one week.

When submitting deposits, be sure to use the excel deposit form and fill out all information that is needed.

If, at any time, one of the people listed on the application no longer has responsibility for the account, a new application must be submitted to the Office of Student Life for approval.  The application should always include the group's advisor so transitions can be made.

For more information contact:

Ryan Gove, Director of Student Life
1005 Dykes Library
Mail Stop 4018

Nick Hayden, Coordinator of Student Life
1005 Dykes Library
Mail Stop 4018 

Office hours are between 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m., Monday through Friday.


Deposit Form (DOC)
Check Request (DOC)
Application Form (PDF)

Last modified: Aug 02, 2017